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Entrepreneurship is a GAME, Wanna play?

Entrepreneurship is a GAME, Wanna play?

Saturday September 09, 2017,

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I was talking to a guy couple of days back, he told me he has lot of good ideas and wanted to be an entrepreneur. I asked him what is stopping you to become an entrepreneur. He answered that first he wanted to secure his parents, took LIC and other insurance plans so that they keep getting the money after their retirement. Now situation is like that he can’t leave his job because he has liabilities every month that he has to pay in form of EMIs. I was present to fact that almost everyone has more and less similar problem. Let me rephrase this problem in a very simple sentence “I want this I want that but…………” whatever coming after but is an excuse or challenge for not doing what we want to do. I told a friend of mine once in a program “treat entrepreneurship as a game, and there is no game without rules. Consider all problems as the rule of the game then play the GAME”. Starting your own business is not easy; one has to pay the price. Every minute counts if one feels that going 15 minutes late is OK than I will tell you it’s not OK. It’s impacting you somewhere may be you are not able to see today. Even winners don’t like to do things which we losers hate to do but still Winners do it anyway. Sachin Tendular till today does his net practice though people call him “CRICKET GOD”. Only message I want to put across today if you want to be an entrepreneur don’t crib about things and circumstances, just go ahead and take your chances. Believe me, you will make it if you can DREAM it.

“When you are in the morgue, there is no tomorrow. NOW is the most powerful time you have. Do it NOW.”