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How MS office can be a secret tool to grow your business

How MS office can be a secret tool to grow your business

Friday January 05, 2018,

5 min Read


One of the best and most used sets of applications for official and personal purposes till date is MS Office.

The growth of personal computing did lead to software development in various sectors and MS office had an answer to all your data computing, spreadsheet, database creation, email drafting and may more such very common uses.

MS Office is a package which covers all the sectors to run your business irrespective of its nature. With letters to spreadsheets, emails to database creation for your business, this is a one-stop solution.

MS Office suite helps you prepare any document, worksheet, presentation to showcase your business products or design your college projects.

We will discuss products that MS Office suite has in store for us.

You have directly or indirectly used an application from this suite and it certainly has made your day better and has helped you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Applications That Comes With Ms Office

• MS Word

• MS Excel

• MS PowerPoint

• MS Access

• MS Publisher

• MS Outlook

• MS OneNote

• MS InfoPath

• MS Tools

These applications constitute the entire suite. However, the frequently used ones would be a word, excel, PowerPoint and outlook for all official or personal purposes.

There have been tremendous changes in our lifestyle just for the sole reason for using these applications. There are various benefits that you have and you will enjoy for the time to come.

How it Impacts your Daily Life

When I talk about the impact of MS Office, I would need to consider two major sectors here – the business or official life and the personal life.

Let’s discuss both of them which will certainly open your eyes to how useful this software is that you take for granted. You certainly need to give enough credit to its creators since it has changed the world for us.

Official/Business Impacts

Affordable and easy to use software with online support, MS Office has the ability to track finances, present ideas through presentations, email segregation, store information in databases, manpower management, workflow management and many more utilities.

Revolutionized the way of resource utilization in a much more efficient and productive way and with accuracy, MS Office has been a tremendous assistance to multinational companies with a large employee database.

The industrial applications have been perfected over the years to achieve optimum results with minimum resource spent.

You could create presentations at a very limited time and resource at emergencies to showcase it to your consumers or the top people of the company.

Personal Impacts

Not only the business sector but personal life has also been altered due to the implications of using this software. Being a student, being a worker or even being a freelancer, you need MS Office to get by.

A project presentation, work anywhere spreadsheets and design your own database at high speeds with accuracy can all be achieved as long as you have the software and know your way around it.

Let’s look at the benefits of learning and using MS Office. This will certainly help you understand the importance of it and you could certainly exploit the applications to benefit you further.

• Easy to use – You don’t need any special training to use the basic features of any applications in the suite. You have user guides and live online support if you are in need of assistance.

• Constant improvements – Over the years, newer and better versions have been updated, allowing simple and more user-friendly experience.

• Diversify – A multi-lingual platform with a comprehensive spell and grammar checks, it offers unparalleled diversity to users.

• Self-learning and self-help master – With shortcuts and buttons included in the latest versions of the software, applications are very simple and easy to learn, and you are your own master here.

• Productivity – You will increase the work efficiency and productivity exponentially once you really know your way around the applications. With advance analytical tools and pattern recognition, you could certainly make important financial decisions.

• Communication – Microsoft Outlook has been used effectively for communication purposes both within and outside the company. An outlook acts as a sharable spreadsheet with much more compatibility with other applications in the suite.

• Career maker – Thousands of jobs are provided for MS Office professionals, solely based on the experience and your knowledge of this software. This has certainly created employment opportunities all across the globe.

• Online access/support – With online access to real-time changes, you do have live support 24/7. If you are unable to find help on the user guide, which I doubt you have; another option to reach their customer support to find what you are looking for.

• Education – Presentations, projects, documents and many more such benefits are available in the education sector. Every student with the access to a system can use the application to showcase their creativity.

• Online-offline business based on the applications – With the uses of these applications, you could certainly use your knowledge to start your own online or offline business. You can offer your word based or excel based services online.

On a personal note, this article highlights the undermined MS Office by the general public.

Corporate sector knows its importance but not the general public. I hope this will make them aware of the impact this software has on our daily lives.

If you don’t have MS Office installed, I would recommend you to Download MS Office right away. You will definitely need it.


There are thousands of applications being invented on a daily basis and still, MS Office hasn’t been replaced by any of them.

The giants in the IT industry still prefer MS Office over similar software due to its robust design and multiple applications. With constant version updates, Microsoft has prioritized their design around the user-friendly interface with improving and increasing the options in every application.

This certainly has been applauded by the effective users and companies who have greatly benefited from it.