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Create unique descriptions to move and motivate your customers

Create unique descriptions to move and motivate your customers

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

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Product descriptions can make or break a business. In today’s highly competitive business environment, product descriptions are not just only for describing your products. They are supposed to sell them as well and while writing descriptions this must be kept in mind.

You can write product descriptions that sell by choosing the right set of words. It requires time, thought, and careful analysis of market and target audience to get a great product copy. You can compel the most skeptical of customers to buy your product by doing so. Nicely-written product descriptions drive sales. With the competition getting too fierce, companies focus on descriptions to attract maximum number of visitors.

To successfully do this you need to:

1. Use sensory language and words for integrating all the five senses of customers.

2. Use words like ‘imagine’, ‘picture yourself’, etc. quite often.

3. Explain how the customer will feel when he/she uses your product.

4. Let the buyer imagine his current needs being met by the use of your product

5. Use present and future tenses to let your customers feel like they have already bought your product

6. Use power words: a word has the power to change the mood, the meaning and the motivation.

You must be wondering, how you can sell your product with the help of a product description. Different buyers have different reasons for purchasing a product. It is important for you to understand that you can’t target them all in a similar fashion. You need to write specific copy that appeals to your target audience in order to maximize sales and improve conversions.

Do Your Research Right and Understand Your Target Audience

Ask yourself questions like:

1. Who are my customers? What situation are they in?

2. Why do they want to buy my product? What needs will it solve? What sort of desires will it fulfill?

3. What would make them prefer my product over my competitor’s?

4. How are my competitors describing my product?

5. By understanding target audience well, copywriters can create description that convert.

Compelling product descriptions provide a range of benefits:

1. Better organic search rankings

2. Decrease in cart abandonment

3. Increase in conversion rate

4. Fewer calls from buyers

5. Lower return rate

You need to really understand your target customers and their motives for buying your product before writing a copy. Avoid using jargons and instead focus on power words and stories for making a better connection with your customers.

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