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Why you Must Have a good Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018?

Top  10 reasons why it's crucial to have a strategy in place - as cited by leading digital marketing companies in India.

Why you Must Have a good Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018?

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

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The whole world is going digital in almost everything - from communication to financial transactions, from buying products to planning holidays, and everything in between. When the competition is fierce, entrepreneurs have to up their game to get a bigger slice of the market pie; digital transformation is not an option now, but a given. One way of doing that is to have a solid plan in place for digital marketing.


Sadly, most businesses don't realize the importance of having a plan in place; they are often not aware of the numerous marketing techniques available to the modern entrepreneur, engage in too many or too few activities or simply don't know which ones are best suited for their business.

Your digital marketing efforts should help you in building brand recognition, getting more online leads and establishing your business as an authority for information, and a name to reckon with in the industry.

 You need to know your audience so well that you should be able to anticipate their needs and queries to be able to engage with them.

We did a survey amongst the leading  digital marketing agencies in India and they cite the following reasons which makes it crucial to have a strategy in place. 

1) Deliver the right message through your website: The text, color theme, images and content on your website must speak for your brand. Avoid stock images, and use actual pictures of your employees, customers, products and so on. Ensure you use simple language, easy navigation, and clear call-to-action buttons, and that your content is fresh, relevant and interesting. Include testimonial (videos if possible) from clients, because potential buyers want assurance from those who have actually used your product or service. 

2) You need goals: When you don't really know what you're hoping to achieve with your digital marketing, you may not succeed in getting new leads or converting them, or in forging lasting relationships with clients. Without set goals, businesses also don't measure and analyze the results and have no idea how successful their marketing was. Your competitors, on the other hand, will implement all of this, and eat into your market share.

3) You must know your target audience: It's absolutely important that you know your target audience; this means you will not be able to provide resolution to their pain points; you won't know what attracts them and what repels; what they fear, how they find what they want and so on. You need to use feedback forms, monitor your social networks, comments on your blog and so on, to understand how your customers feel and what they think about your product/service.

4) Micro-moment marketing: The best digital marketing agencies in India are taking advantage of micro-moment marketing. Thanks to technology, marketers can today easily learn their customers' behaviors. Geo-location, product preference, browsing timings and so on of potential customers can be easily collected through certain applications - and this is a goldmine for marketers and work especially great on impulse shoppers. Let's say, you know about a particular customer who's online at a specific time, hunting for a salon; at the very moment they are about to search for it, you send a popup advertising your beauty salon and a special discount for new customers. You can be pretty sure that the customer will walk into your salon! It's that micro-moment that you need to capture. Convey the main idea of your business and offer at a single glace, and include a clear, one-touch CTA - and of course, make sure the content is optimized for mobile apps. I can't stress enough on the importance of chatbots; today's clientele wants to talk to someone to clear their queries, so make sure you have a live chat box implemented in your app. Display relevant content according to personal preferences of that particular customer - maybe you could greet a returning customer by name to offer a personal touch.

5) You need a powerful, well-defined value proposition: Tailor your online value propositions according to your different buyer personas; this way you can differentiate your services, and boost customer retention and loyalty. What matters here is competitive content, as it's the content that helps you engage with your target audience through blogs, emails and social media posts.

6) Integrate with traditional marketing channels: You need to integrate your digital marketing activities with your traditional marketing channels - this makes it more effective. By completing digital marketing in silos, you often don't achieve the desired results because they are usually not aligned with your marketing plan and goals.

7)  Avoid Duplication: By having a clearly defined plan, you can ensure minimally or zero wastage of resources. In larger organizations, lack of communication can lead to multiple tools being purchased for the same tasks - or even the hiring of different agencies to perform similar tasks.

8) Stay ahead of the competition: The top online companies are always abreast of the latest technologies and techniques, which helps them increase their customer base, and retain existing clients. Follow their lead - and to do that you need a marketing plan with a robust digital strategy in place.

9) Determine the tone of Content: Creating a strategy will help you get the right content from your team. They will know the magic words to use in combination with appropriate images to tell your brand story to enthral your audience. Without a clearly defined plan of action, your writers and creative designers will be confused as to what the tone of the content needs to be - and the result may be content that's not aligned to your business goals, or conveys the message poorly.

10) You need to Optimize: Today any company worth its salt uses analytics to see how well their website is functioning. Unfortunately, they hardly act on those numbers; perhaps due to lack of time, or because they're not sure what those numbers mean. A strategy will help you understand the analysis results properly, and you will be able to use those numbers to improve your services and your marketing efforts for search, user experience, social media marketing and email campaigns.

If ever there were powerful reasons to have a well-defined, robust digital marketing strategy implemented in your business, it is those listed above.

Why not talk to any of the reputed and efficient digital marketing agencies in India to formulate an effective strategy for your business? Every day of delay is the loss of revenue - don't wait, act now!