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Why career counselling in India is more valuable than ever before?

Looking for advice to chalk out the right career path? Read these 4 reasons why career counseling in India is valuable than ever before.

Thursday August 17, 2017,

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4 Reasons Why Career Counseling in India is More Valuable Than Ever Before 

We live in exciting times - every day new technologies are disrupting old ones. Artificial intelligence and data science are the new age buzzwords. Companies are constantly innovating to measure up, while careers that did not exist a decade ago are steadfastly on the rise.

Now, why am I talking about industry innovation, in an article about career counselling? The reason is that, unlike what we saw a decade ago, there is unprecedented growth in new business opportunities. If you were to go by the opinion of career trend experts, tectonic shifts will continue for a while.

Naturally, the ripples of change are felt in the ITES space too. With the changing demands from the industry, educational platforms focus on orienting young minds towards new career opportunities. India stands on the threshold of a revolutionary boom, with gigantic initiatives being heralded by the industry syndicates, and the Indian Ministry of Education. In this climate of evolution, it has become imperative for students and professionals to find the right career fit, and natural for individuals to explore new avenues. Merely following the crowd could lead to disastrous choices.

Why Go For Career Counseling? Here are 4 Compelling Reasons:

1. Career Selection Is More Than Just Personality and Aptitude Testing

Let’s not judge a book by its cover. To fully understand a person’s aptitude towards a particular job, you need more than IQ testing. An expert career counsellor will tap into the inner resources of a person that reveal his or her social skills, and emotional balance to make the right career choice. Career counsellors also use advanced psychometric testing and assessment tools to arrive at the right conclusion.

2. Career Counselling Balances All Aspects of Desire and Practical Limitations.

With an array of career choices available, candidates are often confused about the path they should take. Some approach a career counsellor when they are at the crossroads, while others may come to a counsellor after having taken a few wrong turns. A good career counsellor will focus on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses before recommending a path. An objective evaluation of the candidate profile helps bring more clarity of thought.

3. Career Counseling is Not Crystal Ball Gazing.

Career counsellors cannot predict the future. They can only gauge the candidate’s ability to perform certain tasks based on their aptitude, track record and knowledge base. Career counsellors try to map the strengths of the candidate with the skill and competency set of various job profiles.There can be a margin of error, which can be attributed to social conditioning, or prejudices that make every individual unique.

However, that said, career counsellors can provide you advice to help clear away your doubts. They are equipped to counsel you on how to determine the right path by way of taking up internships, or the right short course that fit your needs. Not just that, a career counsellor can help you identify the optimal career, and the necessary skills to attain your career goals.

4. Career Counseling is Ideal for Those Who are Unfamiliar With Latest Trends.

For the Indian parent who is not tuned in with the latest career trends, the evolving job market can be unnerving. While the student may want to explore dynamic educational qualifications, parents may want their children to stick to conventional educational platforms. While they don’t want their children to miss out on big opportunities, their conservative thinking often comes in the way of making bold, new choices. In such a scenario, a career counsellor acts as a mediator to help parents understand the world beyond their horizon. Coming from an authority on careers, the recommendations are well received by both parents and students.

Whether you are a first time job seeker, or an experienced one looking for a career change, you would benefit from meeting a career counsellor, who can provide you the right advice. Not only will you get a reality check, you will also be able to introspect on your strengths, weaknesses and preferences. In addition, a career counsellor can show you the next logical steps to redefining your career and the road ahead.