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How to build a highly productive Tech team with a robust Company Culture

How to build a highly productive Tech team with a robust Company Culture

Tuesday January 14, 2020,

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One of the very important aspects, that aspiring employees look for today, before accepting a particular job offer, is Company Culture.  Not only is company culture important from an individual’s point of view, but also from the point of view of creating a feeling of belonging towards the company as well as togetherness among rest of the colleagues. Before getting into the core topic of building a productive tech team revolving around a strong company culture, let us understand a little bit about,

Company Culture and its significance

In simplest of terms for easy understanding, we can define company culture as a collective analysis of how people within a particular organization, interact with each other and work together. Very similar to culture, company cultures a shared set of beliefs, values, attitudes, standards, purposes, and behaviors. Having a strong company culture is of paramount importance for every organization because it forms the very foundation of the organization. It also acknowledges the fact that a good company culture helps in setting up a competent workforce or a team which in turn contributes to the development of the organization.

As much as maintaining a high company culture is necessary, so it is to build a strong tech team that revolves around it, which actually brings us to our core topic,

Setting up a Productive Tech Team

A tech team forms a major part of any company’s workforce. With technology gaining a strong foothold in every type of business sector, today tech teams are a mix of people working out of office as well people who work remotely. As such, it becomes doubly important for the organization to build a strong tech team which, irrespective of the work location, takes pride in following the strong company culture. In other words, it’s becoming more popular to have some of the team working from co-working spaces or their homes, whether it be in the next street or the other side of the world.

To set up a strong tech team with a robust company culture that includes a workforce across distributed locations, here a few points that can be thought about.

Understand the value in remote working

There have been multiple studies which have revealed the percentage of employee satisfaction to be much higher while working from remote locations. This proves the fact that it’s not only the employees who benefit with such a facility but even a company can benefit out of it. Hence, before building up a strong tech team, it is important for any organization to think of blending the team with onsite as well as remote workforce. More importantly, it will serve the company well if the remote team can be molded to work in accordance with the company culture and explaining to them, the benefits of doing so.

Create or refine your company values

It will serve to the organization’s advantage if the process of setting values is drafted by taking into consideration the entire tech team, i.e. whichever part of the world they come from and then help them, by easing their way in getting adapted to company culture.

Communicate your culture

It is not just about building a productive tech team. It is also about maintaining the values set and documenting it so that it can be a ready reference for new employees joining the team from different parts of the world at periodic moments. No doubt, the document should be inspirational, clear, articulate and obviously well written. Hence, every organization should be in a position to communicate its work culture, to members of the tech team, from day one.

Not a bad idea to publicize your company

With candidates these days looking at every available opportunity to study the organization completely before accepting the job offer, it will really not be a bad idea for organizations to publicize their company culture in open space and media. This will help the organization to include the best available candidates as a part of their high productivity tech team.

Welcome new employees in front of the entire team

This is an extremely important step for the organization in their efforts to build a productive team. It would benefit the organization immensely and boost their chances of building a productive teach team, if new members are welcomed before the entire team. More so, if they are going to work remotely. It would be a great idea to have a nice introduction via a video conference and make them feel a part of the team, right from day one.

Encourage open communication and feedback

A team can be termed really productive based on how comfortable each team member is in communicating with his team mates as well as communicate and receive feedbacks. By keeping the team communication channels clear, the organization can promote transparency.

Setting expectations on the mode of communication

Define the mode of communication based on its importance, criticality and confidentiality. For e.g. if there is a confidential information, it can be via an email while casual discussions can be had over Skype. This can help avoid any confusion about the data you plan to share as well as save time and increase productivity by building a potent productive tech team.

Know everyone and let everyone know you

Building a strong tech team revolves around understanding the people who are a part of the team, either physically or virtually. It would be an excellent idea to develop employee relations through company culture itself as a medium where an existing employee tries to understand the mindset of the new employee, by enlightening him/her about the company’s work ethics and culture. This can also help the existing employee bridge any gaps with respect to his new team mates adapting to the work place and culture.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate!

The best way a productive tech team can be mobilized and driven forward is through the power of communication. As explained a little earlier. Set aside regular times every week for an all-hands meet up if possible. If time zones prevent this, try to arrange two meetings, in differing time zones. Having these regular meetings helps share news and encourages motivation among the entire team and make it the productive tech team, you are looking to establish.

Measure your remote team employee engagement

A productive tech team is built upon through confident and strong inter-personal relationships wherein topics other than work can be discussed. For example, enquiring about the comfort of the team mates within the team and general well-being can go a long way in helping construct a team that delivers completely.


Building an excellent productive tech team with a robust company culture involves having a better understanding of both, the company, as well as the employee. A productive tech team also depends on how comfortable the team mates coming from different parts of the world adapt to the way the company functions and treats its employees. It does not take a monumental effort but just simple basic steps to ensure that every team member is on the same page. After all, team work makes dreams work!