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Depression isn’t a choice, Suicide has nothing to do with being dumb.

Sunday July 10, 2016,

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Many people think Depression is a choice. more of an attention seeking magnet asking someone to look, Like it has something to do with other world and not whats built inside and how do we explain? what do we say? when we don’t know what is happening.. suddenly everything stops! things begin to shut down and time slows. You wake up one day and realize its been days and days end being weeks and weeks have been month.

It’s still here. Nothing seems to change!

“Depression isn’t choice. suicide isn’t something dumb people do.”

Recently I ended up in a cold argument while having dinner at a Restaurant with friends

One of them claimed that Depression is in one’s own hands and suicide is clearly something dumb people do. “Why not! I have problems, everyone else have problems! is someone’s problem so much to bear that it end to suicide.” He said, “All I know is people have choice and even at the darkest hour there always will be another choice than suicide and still taking the easy way out is being nothing but dumb!” I Quote “DUMB!”

I defended back, what if it has more to do with back of your mind then mapped one . what if it is built-inside for so long like a parasite and showed its true color when it’s too late. What if it has something to do with bad wiring of brain than the human who is going through himself! Maybe it is more link to genetics which cause depression and end up suicidal then one being DUMB. How do we end up judging someone if they are suicidal and labeling with whats called being dumb!

Do lacking intelligence or common sense creates suicidal fits!

I was backfired with, why I am supporting people who commit suicide and let me be get it straight I’m not. I simply want to state that sometimes these tendency are not control of the voluntary part of the brain and the lest you can do is understand and make them understand. Have a word, make a conversation, try to explain that there is much more. try a little harder because when it is the darkest at night the sun is just about to hit the horizon. This is the least one human can do for another.

Alas! The heated argument ended because I couldn’t take no more and we exit the Restaurant located somewhere at Bandra West at 2:AM and leave for a 400 km long journey back home


Depression is a complex condition.

Depression is more common than AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined, India’s suicide rate was 21.1 per 100,000 people, according to a report.Sep 4, 2014. About 800000 people commit suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India.

Your genes play a role.

Experts believe that about 50% of depression stems from genetics. This probably doesn’t come from just one gene but a combination. But, if you have a parent or sibling with depression, your risk is two to three times greater than it is for someone without this family history. The more severe the depression, the more likely the link to genetics. Other causes include child abuse, loss of a parent early in life, and severe stress. However, often the cause is not known.

Talk therapy can work as well as medication.

It maybe be genetics or bad wiring of brain but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reduced and finally cured.

Talking through your depression with a mental health expert (called psychotherapy) helps many people. For some, it works as well as taking antidepressants. In fact, for mild to moderate depression, talk therapy may be your best option. If you do need an antidepressant, many studies show that combining medication and psychotherapy is better than medication alone. Also, talk therapy may be the safest treatment for women who get depressed while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Children also get depressed.

About one in 30 young children get depressed. One sign of this is withdrawal from friends and activities. Kids who are depressed also might start doing poorly in school. They often become irritable or have physical complaints. These symptoms often are missed. Adults think the problem is something else. That’s why two-thirds of children with mental health problems don’t get help. But, treating depression works in kids, just like it does in adults.

Depression takes on many disguises, but more diagnostic tools and better treatments are available today than ever before. Take advantage of the many options that are readily available to help you and your loved ones. Important of all Look around you can always talk! and listeners the lest you can do is keep your judgment aside and help.

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Anuj Dasgupta.