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There Is One Flower For All Your Occasions

Flower is undoubtedly that thing of Mother Nature that defines the meaning of beauty, charm, poise, and love. 

There Is One Flower For All Your Occasions

Thursday February 02, 2017,

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As a gift, flower has been in practice since long and over time the way flowers are presented to people have seen a change.


Most of the florist in their floral shops offer flowers in lavish packaging so that the joy of gifting raises. Nowadays, there has been many online flower shops and using them one can get  flower delivery in Singapore  or any other place of the world. Here are some flower names that would seem apt for your celebrations. Have a look below and enrich your special moments:

Roses and only red roses for Valentine’s Day:

Rose is certainly called the king of flowers. And when it is the Valentine’s Day, a red rose is the gift that would be the best food for romance. A heart shaped presentation of red roses or the simple bouquet of blooming red roses – both the ways you would impress your lover.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of love and passion. The gift for this day has to be equally passionate and romantic. Red roses carry a promise of eternal love and thus this day has to be decorated with red roses only. Even when your girlfriend is away, send her the online delivery of red roses.

White lilies for House-warming:


Lilies carry big petals and looks lovely as a corner table decoration. So, when you are going for the house-warming gathering, don’t forget this white lilies bouquet. At another level, this flower conveys hope, positivity, and harmony. As a house-warming gift thus this flower has special significance. You can also get a peace lily plant for your friend who is moving to a new house. Along with a bouquet or floral presentation of white lilies, you can also carry some good luck Feng Shui elements.

Tulips for anniversary:


Anniversary moments are special ones as they make you travel over time and reminisce from the past pages of life. Whether you are throwing party or not is the secondary thought, on the first place, you must get some nice tulips for your honey to start the day. Tulips convey the message of forever love and on anniversary moment this is the flower one should look out for.

Pink, red, yellow, etc. mix and match all colors of tulips in one floral arrangement and also attach a letter for your sweetheart when he/she is away from you. And if he/she is at home, keep the fresh tulips in the center table along with a small love note.

Yellow Daffodils for friendship day:


Friendship has been declared yellow in color because yellow conveys happiness or cheerfulness or brightness. A friend brings in these traits in us and that’s why to celebrate friendship day, you can keep your decoration or gift yellow. And you must wish your best friend with a bouquet of yellow daffodils or get a floral tiara made of the same flowers.

There’s a long list of other festivals or special occasions and you can find one flower for each one of them. And when you are confused, get a mixed color flower delivery in Singapore or USA or UK, where your sweetheart resides as that would be safe. All colors convey a colorful life that you enjoy with this person.