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Road trips are the most exotic way to feel the real culture, traditions, travel vibes of any destination. Backpack now and take a bow of road trips of these amazing destinations from Delhi.


Monday December 03, 2018,

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Delhi is all glittery in urban motifs and its history quotient is a delight to witness. Still, we understand if you are all overwhelmed with its culture. Be it because of the traffic or the hustle and bustle of the city, a getaway at some point in time is very much needed. If that’s the case with you too, then not to worry friend, we get you. That’s why we’ve put together the list of one-day road trips that you can take from this city. So, pack your bags and book your rides, for these amazing Indian road trips will be total amazeballs on your travel journal. So, just get set and go!

1. AGRA - the time capsule of Mughal era

Who doesn’t love Taj? Everyone does, right? We all adore this place to its very inch and why not? This magnificent structure is one-hell-of a beauty and so is the city of Agra where it proudly lodges in. Famous for its ‘Pethas’ and structures, Agra is a complete treat that can very well be enjoyed on a day trip. This age-old Mughal capital proudly boasts some of the masterpieces of that era. Trust us; you will not even realize how deeply you will indulge in its juju. So, guard your heart because it’s surely going to melt on a trip here.

Read more about Agra here.

Distance: 202 km

Time to reach:

● 3 hours approx depending on when you begin traveling. (Early morning travels suggested if traveling by road)

● Less than 2 hours if traveling by morning train from Delhi.

2. UNCHAGAON – Fort tales retold!

What’s better than escaping the chaotic city life and breathing under the shelter of history? Unchagaon for a fact, platters the best in this genre and you will get the idea of it the moment you step foot there. With a 19 th - Century fort in its vicinity, Unchagaon is a popular name when rural history hues take over the Delhi travel. The smell of moist soil, sounds of gushing water and sights of Gangetic dolphins adorn this place. Believe us you couldn’t have asked for more.

Fancy some sports? Then, billiards, pony rides, cart rides, pottery, and many more activities will be at your disposal. So, give a try maybe.

Distance: 117 km

Time to reach: 2 hours 30 minutes

3. VRINDAVAN – divinity’s abode

If tranquility oozes out your inner spirit animal, then Vrindavan is the destination for you. This birthplace of Lord Krishna is one such destination that dances to the rhythms of the flute of the deity all year long. The dash to catch hold of each temple in the town is an adventure in itself. Also, munching on some lip-smacking vegetarian delicacies will change the feel about Indian cuisine. So, add some stories to your theological archive and for more information on the city, here is everything on Vrindavan you will need.

Distance: 144 km

Time to reach: 3 hours (Early morning drives suggested)

4. BHARATPUR – Bird watching on three wheels

If there is an encounter with the wildlife on the go, missing it is quite a bummer don’t you think?

Vroom your way to the very fancy yet very rustic National Park that happens to be a bird watching paradise. The perks of this estate aren’t only limited to the wildlife or bird watching fiestas, the rickshaw ride in the premise adds up to its charms as well. So, lap up to the opportunity of getting lost in a sanctuary that seems abandoned in its first sight. Do you think you will be able to handle its beauty? Well, that we will see. Read more on many such wildlife sanctuaries here.

Distance: 182 km

Time to reach: 3 hours 40 minutes (Early morning rides recommended to avoid traffic)

5. PRATAPGARH FARMS – The urban village

Rural adventure coming up!

Take the country road to the place that accords the best rural experiences with top-notch urban facilities. This beautiful lush green estate feels like a breath of fresh air after your travel from the concrete jungle of Delhi. This rural experience comes with the delights of camel rides, tractor rides and more. Also, decked up with the fun of one- of-a-kind rural games, Pratapgarh is definitely the getaway you will want to add on to your must-see list.

Distance: 57.4 km

Time to reach: 1 hour 7 minutes approx.

6. DAMDAMA LAKES – the sparkling escape

Tranquil waters are always aesthetically pleasing and spiritually mesmerizing. Do you have a knack for both? Then, spend some time in its company while falling for the ambiance and looking out for 200+ species of bird. Do you know what the best part is? You will not have to look any further if you want to experience the hot water springs too. Isn't that balling? So, come here for the treasures of eco-tourism and enjoy a fun day out on the laps of nature. See you there!

Distance: 60 km

Time to reach: 1 hour 30 minutes

7. MANESAR – the land of intrepid sagas

Are you head over heels crazy for adventure sports, then traveling to the rejuvenating land of Manesar is something you shouldn’t miss. This serene getaway on the cradle of lush green meadows calls out for an adventure fanatic. Do you feel associated with this term too? Then hop in right away because your time here will be amusing in many levels.

8. ALWAR AND SARISKA NATIONAL PARK – the land of two kingdoms

The princely state of Alwar awaits!

Join hands with the royal sagas and turn your trip into an extravaganza in seconds. Who knows in the course of time, you may have a perfect encounter with the very haunted Bhangarh Fort?

Leave as early as you can because catching all the hues of this estate and also the national park is certainly something you cannot miss. For everything else read more about Rajasthan here.

Distance: 157 km

Time to reach: 4 hours

9. MORNI – Hilling memories!

Does the nature force drive you as a being? Do you feel more at home when you are out in the wild exploring? Then,

welcome to the closest hill station to Delhi where the treasures of nature are unlimited. Here you can enjoy the peace and bliss while still boosting up your adrenaline. Furthermore, boating, cycling, and trekking are to name a few activities that certainly win hearts. So, have your fair share of hill fun and call it a day.

Distance: 260 km

Time to reach: 5 hours