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How a knowledge base can benefit call centers

How a knowledge base can benefit call centers

Monday April 17, 2017,

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A highly efficient call center is the healthy foundation upon which any organization can build strategies to further improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. We are familiar with the fact that it is seven times cheaper to retain an existing customer than to invest into lead generation and conversion strategies. With all this in mind, the fact that more and more companies are investing in call centers doesn’t come as a surprise.

One of the most efficient ways to improve the call center is to implement a knowledge base software. With access to a knowledge base, call center operators have access to all the documentation necessary for finding answers to customer questions right under their fingertips. If you want to find out how a knowledge base can benefit a call center, here is a short list that can help you get the big picture.

It Helps with Problem Solving

A quite frequent scenario in the customer support department is when a frustrated customer calls to have some problem solved. In most cases, these problems can be solved only buy following a strict procedure that consists of several steps. When there are many products and services sold by a company, it is impossible for customer support agents to keep all of the information in their heads.

In this case, knowledge base software can prove itself as a valuable asset for customer support agents. With access to the entire database of help documentation, support agents can guide the caller through the entire process of problem-solving in an efficient manner. Bear in mind that, even if you have published this documentation through an external database, some customers don’t have the technical skills needed to use it and find the solution for the problem on their own.

Finding Information is Easier

One of the most essential features of call center knowledge base software is the search function. It makes everything searchable. Since time is of the essence in any customer support department, this feature is a must have.

Agents can use it to quickly find the information in order to meet the needs of a customer in distress. The search feature especially comes in handy when dealing with frustrated and impatient customers who expect an answer in a matter of seconds.

But, keep in mind that the functionality of the search feature doesn’t end here. Some knowledge base software vendors also offer analytic features that can be used to identify the most frequently searched terms in the company’s knowledge base. This way, you can identify new issues that need to be addressed, but also change certain keyword phrasings in your help documentation to make it easier to find it.

Collaboration and Information Collecting is Easier


Collaboration should be promoted in every company’s department, especially in those that have direct contact with customers, such as the customer support department. There are several collaborative features of a knowledge base software that support agents can use to improve the service overall. This tool can allow direct communication between a support agent and a professional in an organization who can help resolve a certain customer issue. This correspondence can then be edited and imported in the knowledge base as a help article.

Also, customer support agents can collaborate with content authors and help them make the necessary changes and updates to the existing content, to make it more viable for customers. There is also the “Notes” feature, to promote communication. These notes can be valuable resources where article authors can gather valuable and actionable information.

Creates More Informed Communities and Customers

Customers know how to appreciate knowledge sharing. By giving them access to a knowledge base via your official website, you will contribute to knowledge sharing. Publishing in-depth help articles will increase traffic on your website, generate more leads, and put your company in a better position to get higher conversion rates.

Having an informed customer also increases the success rate of support agents, because customers directly participate in their work process. This is why it is important to put an effort into educating customers. Without this participation, high levels of satisfaction and loyalty are simply unachievable.

The direct effect this has on the call center is experienced in a reduced number of calls. Call center operatives will be under way less pressure. This will allow them to provide a better service to customers.

Improves Workplace Training and Job Satisfaction


Knowledge base software provides the much needed structure and accessibility to knowledge management. When a company embraces the knowledge sharing culture, the content found in the knowledge base becomes very valuable to employees.

For instance, when an expert from the product design department shares tips and tricks related to the newest products, this article instantly becomes a valuable resource for call center operatives. And, this goes both ways, because guys from the development team can see the common issues with the products they have designed, so they can avoid them in future designs.

With this in mind, we can look upon call center knowledge base software as a self-sustaining training tool that helps all employees perform their jobs better. The importance of training and development in the workplace should never be underestimated. It builds employee confidence and makes them feel more responsible.

By giving the employees new opportunities to grow and develop, the company shows them that they are valued, which has a significant effect on the level of job satisfaction. The end goal would be to create a knowledge sharing and supportive environment where the success of one employee is a win for the entire organization.

Call center knowledge base software is a very powerful tool that can bring improvements to many aspects of call centers. With many powerful features modern knowledge base software solution offer to call centers, you company will not only improve its overall profitability, but also reduce any downtime. In order to make the best choice possible, you have to identify the goals and needs of your support department. By doing so, you will know which knowledge base software features are a must have.

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