Travelers Why Not Choose The Right Gadget Before Your Trip?

Stay comfortable and happy while travelling with these portable chargers.

Travelers Why Not Choose The Right Gadget Before Your Trip?

Saturday January 20, 2018,

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There was once a time when people imagined while visiting a distant alien place that how the sight would be, what would be the receptiveness of the people of that place. But at present, the questions have altered with time — will there be electricity, will I get access to charging. These are few common and stupid apprehensions of the present generation—courtesy technology.

Technology massacre has eaten up the reality and pushed mankind into a limitless ocean of binary or a virtual realm, where only binary digits like 0 & 1 are required to communicate with individuals.


The dependency or rather slavery has reached its highest crescendo, so travelers to different part of the worlds, often look forward to keeping their smartphones always smarter. How to do that if you ponder? Perhaps, you either need a plug point to connect your charger or a power bank to get access to the world weird web.

But amid that limitless chaos and confusion, you are bombarded with many power bank service providers. You might have skepticism, cynicism or happiness, but in all such emotions, you are always in sync with your technology on the palm. So, let’s hear it for the top10bestpro that you can use for your long journey this fall season.

#1 Power-add Pilot 2GS-Slim Power Bank

Known to be highly portable and extremely power-pact with energy, this 10000mAh friend can keep your phone functional on long tours. Entertainment shouldn’t stop on account of low battery or fast drain out time. With the Power-Add Pilot 2GS-Slim Post, battery drain out would be an alien occurrence. This power pact beauty can keep your iPhone 6 fully charged four times for a day, whereas, for Samsung Galaxy lineage, three times charge is well on the cards.

Coated with aluminum protection, you can keep this power-bank for infinity times.

Pros :

Highly Portable 

Dual Charging Ports

10,000 mAh capacity

Safe and sturdy body


Too Slow

#2 RAV Power 16750

RAV Power 16750 can keep your iPhone 6 alive for 6.5 times in a day and you’re Samsung Galaxy, 3.5 times in a day. With such a reputation and affordability, it has occupied the second spot on the list. This power-packed power bank is not just confined to mobile phones; rather, you can use it for your camera charging, iPod and other devices as well. This is not just a power provider, rather, it can come to aid you during complete black-outs with its flash and torch feature. You can connect with technology and stretch your camaraderie with technology for as long as 9 hours in a day. The fear of draining out on the battery will no longer be a challenge for folks.

Pros :

High Capacity with 16750 mAh 

Dual Charging Ports

Flash or Torch

Quality Polymer Battery


Qualcomm Quick Charging not Available

#3 Anker PowerCore5000-Portable Charger

With minimum space in the car, connecting your devices with the car charger with long wires might eat up the space inside. With Anker Power-Core 5000, such a scenario can be dealt away with in an effective and planned manner. Known for being ultra-light and portable, you can easily carry this charger for long trips.

The smart design and robust ergonomics make Anker Power-Core 5000 well suited to be carried during cycling and other pursuits as well. It is completely clutter free and would give you an exceptional experience when you take them on tours. For the buyers, if they wish to find out about the pros and cons of this project, here are a few to be considered.

Pros :

Small and Easy to Carry

Solo Button Operation

Equipped with fast charging

5000mAh long day support


Can Roll on flat

#4 Anker Power-Core Fusion 5000

The Anker franchise brings another rich power source to help you out during tough times. With Voltage Boost Technology, you can expect to get your devices charged real-fast even at low voltages. Additional battery packs are also given for a long life of the product. However, even after all the advantages; this product is not free from few shortcomings. Take a look at the PROs and CONs

Pros :

Smart Power IQ Tech 


5000mAh Rechargeable Battery

Onboard Ac Plug


No Quick Qualcomm Charging

While travelling if you carry a right set of gadgets you will be more comfortable and happier. Like among all, portable mobile power bank is an essential one. It's just a cell phone we use to navigate maps, make calls, text, confirm bookings, etc. So, make sure your bag is packed along with this useful stuff.