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How To Keep Your Team Motivated On Holidays

We all love presents on holidays be it children or adults. Giving gifts is a kind gesture to show your love to employees.

Friday October 21, 2016,

5 min Read

Holidays are a great time for all to celebrate with family and friends. Not only it is time to enjoy with family and friends but also at work with colleagues. Nowadays, we all live a ver stressed life with targets that need to meet deadlines.

Instead of pressuring ourselves it is best to motivate our team and fellow workers to get the best out. Most workplaces demand a very productive environment with some having to work on holidays.

What can we do to motivate our employees, co-workers? Well, many productive things can be done do motivate all and also benefit the employee as well as the company. Here are few ideas that you can try for upcoming holidays and see its benefits.

Gifts and Incentives

We all love presents on holidays be it children or adults. Giving gifts is a kind gesture to show your love to employees. Not only it will give a good reputation of the company but also is a for of good deed.

Gifts should be well thought and must be equal for employees.The best gift that all love is some extra cash added to their salaries. They can make the right use of the extra cash. In any case, if someone is asked to work during the holiday it is best to make sure he/she is comfortable and have no prior commitments.

You can also provide with gifts relating to the holiday for example for the upcoming halloween festival you can give you employees some decor pieces that will add a new flavour to their homes. You can make any kind gestures that assure your workers that you stand for them in all good and bad.

It is advisable not to pressure any employees, as a result, is not very fruitful. If anyone is not fully comfortable it might do more bad than good to the company.

Workload During Holiday

Somehow workload during holidays increase, which is a bit senseless. To cover for the holidays, most people work more before the holiday or have the pressure to complete their tasks after the holiday which leaves them frustrated during holidays.

In the competition and rush to excel at work it is not recommended to ignore the time with family and friends. Most working people be it the CEO of a company or an ordinary guy with a job hardly spend time with family on regular days. Holidays are not only to remember the gods and follow rituals but it primarily to enjoy and spend time with family.

Employers are recommended to plan their tasks for their employees well in advance so not to have any pressure before and during holidays. If the duties are outlined and well planned then, employees will be happy to put in the extra effort a few weeks earlier to the holiday. This would result in less stressful holiday time.

Celebrations at Work

We all love to spend our holiday days with family, but in any case, if we have to work on a holiday we should try to take it positively. Most employers should make sure that the workplace is decorated for the particular holiday which helps us the employee to at least have the feel of a festival.

To motivate your employees, it is best to decorate the workplace and also have some activities for the employees. For example, the upcoming festival being halloween you should design the entire office with scary decorations and serve varieties of dishes that relate to halloween. Not only it will make your employees feel connected to the festival but also make them happy.

It is advisable for owners or the employers to join the employees if they are asking them to work on holidays. It is best to change the whole office environment to the holiday theme which will motivate the employees to work hard to acquire effective results.

Working Hours

It is very necessary for an employer and employee to be on the same page. Miscommunication can lead to big failures. It is wise to be flexible with employees if you ask them to work on holidays.

If in any case, the employees have to work extra then make sure they work on hours they are comfortable with not just for the day of the holiday but even few days after the holiday. It is better to communicate with them clearly instead leaving it in air to be understood.

Don’t compete

A friendly competition is not harmful but if you keep asking your employees to work on a holiday to get the parking spot or promotion is unfair to all. Competition in the right spirit, where the winner takes a gift to something relating to halloween is good.

Not only it will make your employees feel connected to the holiday but will be one of the good memories they will have. Competition should not relate to work; it could be anything but better if related to the holiday. Let's say for halloween, a competition for the best prank or the best costume will be a good idea.

Try to enjoy this holiday to the fullest and motivate your employees not just to help them but help the company as well. Holiday is time for good deeds, and this may be your chance to do good for your colleagues or employees. Have fun and enjoy your holiday.