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Why is Laravel the best PHP framework for development?

In the recent times, however, Laravel has gained a huge impetus in terms of being the most flexible and highly functional PHP framework to achieve effective web application development in a seamless manner. 

Why is Laravel the best PHP framework for development?

Thursday March 01, 2018,

5 min Read


Are you looking forward to implementing effective web application development? PHP is one of the best and the most sought-after web development frameworks for ensuring the top-notch web application development that drives immense success to your online business. Selecting the best PHP web development framework out there might be a daunting task for many web developers. Owing to the myriad of options available, there is a great confusion to go for the best PHP framework that could deliver the desired web development results.

The open source, high-end Laravel as the leading PHP framework is all in good news owing to the overall expressive and simple-to-use syntax for ensuring fast and top-notch web development services. The overall reliability offered by the Laravel PHP framework along with its immensely useful developer’s community support enhance its functionalities to be the best option amongst all the web developers out there.

Laravel: An efficient PHP web development framework

Laravel is a modern-age, open source, and highly flexible PHP-based web application development framework that is used for supporting faster and effective customized web development services. Developed in 2011, the PHP Laravel web development framework is comparatively new. However, with its plethora of attractive features and ease of use, it has managed to become a leading web development option for the web developers around the globe.

Right after its advent into the technology world, Laravel has emerged itself to be a colossal web development supportive community offering an array of important learning resources as well as tutorials towards helping out the web developers and programmers across the globe into designing and developing highly interactive web portals and applications. This is the reason why Laravel is used by most of the PHP developers and programmers out there towards shaping the diverse range of highly functional web applications.

Reasons why laravel the best PHP framework for web development

By now, you must already know the importance of Laravel as a leading PHP framework for effective web development solutions. Here are some of the top reasons why this programming framework is considered an effective option by the web developers of the world in the recent times:

• Effective authorization process: 

Laravel ensures the proper implementation of the different authentication & authorization techniques quite simple and easy to use. Almost everything in a typical Laravel web development scenario is configured in an extraordinary manner. Laravel also offers a highly simplified way of organizing and implementing the overall authorization logic along with proper control access to the important resources.

• Presence of object-oriented libraries: 

Another main reason for using Laravel as a leading PHP web development framework is because it contains several useful object-oriented libraries along with several pre-installed libraries in its storehouse. This feature is absent in most of the other famous PHP frameworks. One famous pre-installed object-oriented library found in the Laravel framework is the “Authentication Library”. As this library is quite simple to use & implement, it comes with a host of additional features to enhance the overall web development process. Some of the advanced features might include Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, password reset, encryption, and Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.

• Useful MVC support: 

One of the main reasons for the web developers and programmers out there giving preference to Laravel as an effective PHP framework for ensuring top-class web development services is its ability to support the MVC architecture. For instance, through the support to MVC architecture like Symfony, the Laravel web development ensures delivering a high level of clarity between logic & presentation. Proper support to the MVC architecture helps in enhancing the overall performance of the given web portal or application. Moreover, it also ensures better documentation and comes with several high-end built-in functionalities.

• Top-notch security: 

While developing any web portal or application, security is the topmost concern for any Laravel development company or web developer. Understanding the importance of the same, Laravel as a popular PHP web development framework ensures the highest level of security in terms of the overall web development solutions. Laravel takes care of the security measures within the given framework during any web development process.

By using proper hashed and salted password mechanisms, Laravel ensures that the given set of passwords are never used as plain, simple texts in the particular database. Moreover, Laravel also makes use of the highly advanced Bcrypt hashing algorithm towards generating a proper encrypted representation of any password combination. Laravel is also known for using prepared, secured SQL statements enabling injection to attack the unimaginable security threats and breaches. By using a host of advanced security features like secure configuration, encryption, storing passwords, authentication drivers, protecting routes, and much more, Laravel ensures the topmost level of security in any web development solution.

• Seamless database migration: 

One of the major jobs of the web developers is to ensure the keeping & maintaining of the database in proper synchronization between the different web development machines & systems. With the help of useful Laravel database migrations, this process becomes extremely simple.As long as the web developers are able to keep & maintain all of the given database tasks in proper seeds & migration, they will be easily able to migrate the necessary changes to the same into any other web development machine or system.

• Amazing useful tutorials:

 If you wish to deliver the best web application development results, it is important to maintain an in-depth knowledge of all the important aspects of the same. Unlike other PHP-based web development frameworks, Laravel offers useful tutorials in the form of “Laracasts” –featuring a perfect blend of free as well as premium video tutorials on showing how to use the Laravel web development framework in an effective manner.

Hire web developers who are well-versed with Laravel PHP framework, for ensuring the best web development results for your online business!