Guide to do App store optimization

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process of improving the visibility of mobile application in-app stores like iOS App Store and Google Play Store by app marketer with the purpose of achieving high-ranking in the app store search results. App Store Optimization is like SEO for a website. Search engine optimization allows your site to get more visitors and more customers. 

    22nd Aug 2017
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    Why It’s Important?

    Think that if no one is able to view your application or website then what is the use of your entire effort. So ASO is used to make your app appear in-app store search results, so you can get easy downloads.

    The goal of App Store Optimization:

    The main goal of ASO is to increase the number of users of your app. By placing right keywords and description and other tactics, you can optimize your app for certain keywords. It's the easiest and cost-effective way to compete with brands. ASO is equally important as SEO for your business. So you require getting good top application development services to rank high.


    ASO is mainly categorized into two parts: Keyword Optimization and Asset Optimization. Asset Optimization is nothing but to optimize icon, video, and screenshot to improve the app downloads.

    How to do App Store Optimization?

    1. Find the right keywords

    Keyword plays a very important role in App Store Optimization. To get started, there must be at least 100 app store keywords. Try to get all your important keywords into the first 23 characters of the app description. Here are some tools:

    • Übersuggest

    • One Look Reverse Dictionary

    • Google Keyword Planner

    • Apple Search Ads > Recommended Keywords (only for iOS app developers)

    • Google Trends - used to start your application in specific countries

    • Keyword Tool

    Step 2: Optimize Your App Store Keywords:

    You have to choose the best keywords for your app. Some keyword research tools help you in this, allowing you to choose the most important keywords based on traffic.

    There is a couple of metadata that you must fill with the targeted keywords.

    a) App Name

    Name your app in a way that that should be creative and appear for search results. Make it short and sweet.


    MobileDevHQ’s tool helps to maximize the search results of your app. According to MobileDevHQ, using the right keywords at the top can increase ranking up to 10.3%.

    Including keywords in the name of your app is a good idea. Google Play and iOS App Store primarily scans the application name when finding the right apps.

    Some real examples:

    Apps similar to Amazon and E-bay: shop, compare, buy, sell, save, electronics, fashion

    b) App description

    Add app store keywords in the app description in a sensible manner.

    IOS App Store does not search for keywords in the app description, but Google Play Store does. List all social testimonials, awards and decent notes that your app has received. And don’t forget to include your app’s social media links. This can also catch the attention of users

    Step 3: Convert visitors to users

    The app detail page has to be persuasive enough to convert the app store visitors to app users.

    a) App Icon.

    Your app icon should make people remember the app. So keep your design simple and anti-glare. If your app represents a brand, use the same logo for the app.

    B) Screenshots:

    Make sure that each screenshot tells a message about your app. Make the best use of screenshots to tell your users why they should download your app.

    C) Preview Video:

    1. Use the video to grab the attention of users

    2. Don’t forget to use a good poster frame of iOS or Android

    D) Localization:

    Localization definitely increases the percentage of app downloads. You have to translate and modify page depends on the app store you want to localize your app for.

    E) Category:

    You should choose the right category in the app store based on competition and revenue, etc.

    F) Market Research:

    You have to study other similar apps in the market like their price, ratings, success ratio and drawbacks to overcome the failure of your app.

    F) Ratings & Reviews

    Only those who care for your app spend time on adding comments. Find the real users’ feedback to improve the visibility and performance of your app in the app store.

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