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Why 90's decade was the best?

Saturday September 03, 2016,

4 min Read

There are plenty of technological developments happen in the last 25 years. Today smartphones, tablets, play stations, DVD, all become an internal part of our life. At, that time fewer resource of entertainment is certainly more exciting and fun. I have shared few things which are there in my memory.

1. Golden days of Doordarshan:

Today, finding Doordarshan channel from the long list of channels is quite a tedious task. However, there is an era where Doordarshan is only channel available, and it offers great shows like Mahabharata, buniyad, surbhi, vagle ki Duniya, Chandrakanta, etc. It also shows Disney hours as it one-hour cartoon shows as there no other option for anyone.

2. Starting on Cable TV:

It was amazing to see more than one channel on the TV. Doordarshan is only channel available at that time new channels like Star Plus, Star Sports, M TV, Chinese Channel and BBC world are truly wonderfully. However, the beginning of ZEE group of channels is completely game changer as it creates a huge fan following. I still remember matches telecast on Star Sports instead of Doordarshan provide truly wonderful experience and watching ZEETV starting serials like snakes & ladders, commando, banegi apni baat, campus, antakshari allows greatest and unexplainable pleasure.

Then gradually more channels are available. I think it was around 14 to 15. But, it is never that greatest as it was in the earlier days.

3. Sachin and other Cricketing legends:

Watching cricket is great fun at that time. In that decade god of the cricket is in his best form of his life and his shots are always special. With the batsman like Sidhu, Azhar, Jadeja and roin batting is same and Kumble, Srinath, Prasad, Raju make India a complete team. I still remember Sachin fires at the beginning of the inning and Jadeja and Robin help India to post a defendable total.

However, when Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman arrives Indian cricket team becomes tough to beat in any surfaces. It is truly special because I can witness the complete beginning of these great cricket legends.

4. Video Games:

No mobile or computer games in that time. It is the great era of video games. I still remember playing Mario and Contra which are highly popular games because of action and graphics. I have atari video game. In that device, there were about 125 games. I remember playing tennis, baseball, firing games in that device every day after finishing my homework. At, that time, graphics may not be great but who cares as fun is more important than graphics.

5. Beginning of Khan Era:

Shahrukh, Salman, and Amir all three Bollywood superstars started their career in this decade. Start with the SRK, I can say that he was noticed by my family and me in the serial fauji. I have become a fan of him since then. Watch his block blasters movies like Darr, Bazigar, Yes Boss, Pardes, Karan- Arjun and none can forget DDLJ, Kuch Kuch hoto hai dil to Pagal hai which are some of the milestone films of #iamsrk.

Salman with maine ne pyar kiya, sajan, karan arjun and truely one of its kind movie Hum Apke Hai kaun allow me great opportunity to see larger than film actor like him. And off course Amir Khan with kayanmat se kayamat tak, dil, dil hai ki manta nahi, sarfarosh make his mark into the Indian cinema.

5. Charm of audio cassettes:

I bet if you ask any child born after 2005 about audio cassettes. He or she surely clues about it. However, in 90’ it is certainly what I used to spend my pocket money. I still remember buying audio cassettes for the films like Hum apke Hai kaun!, dil wale dulanhya lejayenge, parades, dil se. Songs like do dil mil rahe hai, yeh dil deewana, jara sa zoom lu me, Didi Tera devar Deewana, chaya chaya etc. The music is surely special at that time as it is Narayan, Sonu Nigam and s.p. Bala Subramaniam kind of great singers.

6. Watching movie on VCR:

Like audio cassettes, VCR today also seems as if we are talking about dinosaur era. However, that is not true as VCR is very much part of that glorious 90’s era. Watch movies on VCR is great fun at that time because at the beginning of 90’s there are no movie channels are available. Moreover, in VCR it is possible to record shows and watch them later. So it is a truly excellent device.