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Audio mastering and mixing- A brief overview of both

Mixing is the process of mixing the beats. It initiated in the 1970s in the south Bronx of New York.

Audio mastering and mixing- A brief overview of both

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

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Mixing is the process of mixing the beats. It initiated in the 1970s in the south Bronx of New York. Hip hop the most popular form of the song has experienced lots of ups and downs. It has experienced transition, revolution and even declines. But all is well if the end is well. Finally, this song form has secured its place in 2000 through the mainstreams.

While producing hip hop, the main point that is needed to keep in mind is that the music beat should be proper as it needs a right combination of music pattern by mixing pieces of various songs. Final mixes are then done for mastering. The final touch that is given in polishing any music production before the making of an album is called mastering. This unique process of professional audio mastering and mixing is needed to be performed because this process enhances the clarity of music and in this way; it makes the sound of the song more coherent while playing the mixes on any audio devices.

The job of mixing sound is quite easy, but there are some points that should be kept in your mind before you submit the audio for mastering.

First of all, you should get familiarity how the whole job of mixing gets done:

Level: it is adjusted between instruments and their dynamics.

Frequency: this is the spectral content of the various instruments and the mix.

Space: it is the special aspects of the different instruments which are sometimes subdivided into two sub- areas.

Stereo: stereo is about the horizontal panoramic aspects of instruments.

Depth: it is connected with the front back aspects of instruments

At the time of mixing and Professional music mastering music, the source audio undergoes the process of noise reduction, compressions, equalization, limiting and much more. Apart from these other processes like pre-gapping, fading in and out are also applied. These processes will make the music ready by putting it in right order.

Before Mixing your Audio, Remember these Helpful Tips:

Before, you are sending the tracks for the final process of mixing, it is better to know some of the tips that will help you to get the best results.

• To get the best result, it is very necessary to get a clean mix. Noise or another delicate sound may spoil the mix. The aesthetic pleasure of listening to the mix gets spoiled for such unwanted sound. So; you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

• But too much filtering is not the right thing to follow. No one even the mastering engineers can fix over processed and over the compressed track. Apart from the quality of the audio will be deteriorated because of the sound being very unclear. So just add effects that are necessary.

• It is always advisable that the act of mixing your audio get done on a low decibel output because it enables music to keep its dynamic range. If it is not done, the final track will sound thin and weak without dynamic range. As a result, the track will be as loud as possible without over compressing.

• Last but not the least; you need to have a backup of the master copy of the original audio. In this way, you have the individual beats.

If you love hip hop, mixing hip hop surely interests you. For the better result, you need to remember these helpful tips.