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The Miracle morning

It's about getting started and following a routine that has helped many gain back their original form.

The Miracle morning

Friday April 21, 2017,

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The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning

A fresh morning is simply the best part of your day. Most people are unaware of the fact but it is the best time when you can connect with your inner self and solve some serious mysteries of life through that inner voice. The noises are low, the air is fresh and even the trees are all set to release some good amount of oxygen for your breathing. Enjoying all this never demands some strict routine with high protein diet and funky themed gym. All you need to do is wake up, get some stretchable clothes and a comfortable pair of shoes. Do hydrate yourself before this journey and take some nuts along for that healthy start for your day.

Hidden Benefits

Finding suitable location for your routine won't be a tough job as most cities have lush green parks for their citizens. Even if you are not into the fact of moving out of your house, choosing your terrace as your playground would also do the job. The one who gets time to go out and enjoy the morning may feel better and fresh throughout the day. Headphones are the best partner for those who prefer doing it all alone while most people will prefer going on a walk with a friend or family member. The same healthy morning walk has hundreds of undisclosed benefits and some of them are more into your mental health.

Beating Isolation

Busy routines are forcing most individuals into isolation as high levels of stress makes them a slave to their own body. Getting over the same needs you to break the mirror of loneliness and start interacting with your loved ones at times when you have time on your very own side. This miracle can only be achieved in the morning as a simple Good Morning SMS could help your dear ones connect better with their lifestyle and use your word of wisdom to make their lives even better than before. You can ask them to join and even enjoy the variable morning sessions alone, with your headphones or your friends on different days.

Finding Peace

You can simply divide your days into silence, music backed and talkative sessions. A silence session requires deep breathing, mild stretching and little amount of warm up for your body. Your favorite park could help you warm up through brisk walking while a Yoga mat would work best in case you wish to have a sit down stretching session. You don't need to meditate like a pro as the sole purpose of this routine is to get you some good amount of air, build some stamina through breathing practice and even plan your day through that large Black world that you would be experiencing with your closed eyes.

Music is you Soul

When you are in the mood of music in the morning, it could help you plan your second day session with ease. Music helps you by providing some distraction from the physical pressure being felt by your muscles during harder workouts. Plan your playlist in advance as changing a song while running can bring your conscious mind back from the daydreams to the physical world and make you feel tired in the meanwhile. Do remember that listening to music at high volumes can damage your ears and you should start with mild volumes in the morning. The world will start looking more beautiful than ever through this way of life.

Growing Socially

The third way to enjoy your morning is simply getting with your friends and discussing life in the lightest possible manner. You can share your experiences, gain knowledge and even make new friends on your everyday expedition. This can help you improve socially as a person and even more than that, a good human being as a whole. You can simply follow your favorite part to get the much needed 'Miracle Morning'.

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