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What Startups can learn from Trump’s Victory

What Startups can learn from Trump’s Victory

Wednesday November 09, 2016,

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“We can mock Trump as much as we want, but the truth is he won fair and square. Look at the numbers and you realise he didn’t just beat Hillary, he beat the hell out of her. He faced opposition from all over the globe, it was almost like the whole world was against him, but he somehow chose and stuck by what he thought the people of his country wanted to hear from him, the issues that he thought bothered them, what he thought will make them choose him.

He hasn’t been a politician, and has a not so good record in his business life as well. But if there’s one thing you could see in him barring the last one month was determination. It was a crazy stupid determination of going to any lengths and stooping to any levels just to win. He made fun of himself on TV shows, said a lot of crazy things and was quite blunt when criticizing those he disliked.

Winning is not really about toeing the line, it isn’t about conforming to norms, it isn’t about doing what the world asks you to do. It is about deciding a 500% that you will do what you think is the right thing to do and then get behind doing it till you reach the finish line. Trump may be the most infamous winner in recent times, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is indeed a winner.” posted my friend Prateek Shah on Facebook.

Grab your dreams by the ######

This sentiment has been among the common man. What a great time to live in where entrepreneurs believe in the power of their dreams and to grab them by the #####.

What Trump teaches founders is to set BHAG (Big, Hair, Audacious Goals). If the world is not making fun of your vision, your vision is too small. Also these days investors are interested in startups chasing BHAG as those who have market size of Trillion$. Investors are going gaga about how big the market Uber has and it has just touched the tip of the iceberg with trillion$ opportunity. So it’s right time to build for the big market and set your vision for infinity.

Nothing will happen if you keep building your product and sit at home

Trump teaches entrepreneurs if you believe in your product then go out and thump your chest in the arena. Even if you create "philosopher's stone" and sit in your 2X2 cubicle the world ain't going to give a shit about you. You have to be out there selling people dreams and hopes, how your product can radically transform their lives. Trump had been trumping his manifesto of "Making America Great Again" since 1st day of his election. He went to nook and corner of each state and made people notice him. He is not a charismatic leader like Bill Clinton or Obama but has qualities that you can't ignore him. As a entrepreneur even if your product sucks, the world should know that you exist and that you exist for a cause. Don't let the naysayers dampen you. 

Understand your users

Americans have long been worried and cussing about immigrants taking their jobs.

Trump main manifesto had been how he would stop immigration. Though he made racist comments his words rang into the hearts of common US citizen. He understood the fears of his voters and played his cards accordingly. 

Love me or hate me but you can't ignore me

Trump made bold comments and speeches. He apologized for inappropriate actions of his past. Inspite of 1000 of serious allegations, he never went slowed his campaigning. He made several mistakes during his campaigns but kept on improving each day with more ferociousness. The most important point is he never slowed down.

Same way entrepreneurs should never lit criticism go into their heart and make them into oblivion. Bounce back if you heard no from even 100 investors. Don't let their no slow your efforts. As for election and so for startups, the end voter / user makes the last judgement. 

So keep on trumping your message across the universe how great your product is. You never know what fateful day you might win.