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Tips to improve your B2B digital marketing

A strategy tips to improve your business to business

Saturday March 25, 2017,

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A long time ago, marketers reached their target audience through basic approaches - such as cold calling, television or radio - and were left with only the hope that these messages were really heard. The entire marketing system was, to a degree, flawed. For this reason, many businesses have incorporated digital strategies which have opened the door to one-on-one customer participation and more precise measurements of marketing efforts.

However, with that said, the bulk of B2B marketers do not seem to share the same opinion when it comes to 'digital marketing'. For some reason, these marketers consider their target audience are not using things such as 'social media' and services or their products are anonly too market for digital to really operate.

These conjectures are entirely unfounded and it is proven when you look at B2B marketers which have already moved away from traditional media and embraced components of digital.

The growth of digital within B2B marketplaces

The CEB Marketing Leadership Council conducted a survey of over 1500 customers - which are decision makers in business purchases - for 22 large B2B organizations. The findings demonstrated the typical customer made more than 50% of their purchase choice after online research, before even speaking to a sales representative.

What this implies is that companies which aren't making themselves visible on digital platforms are at risk of falling behind the competitors and, as a result, losing potential business.

There are a few B2B marketers who are reluctant to take this risk. The same report showed that many of the biggest B2B organizations were investing more than 50% of entire marketing budget on digital.

Most held back by thenegative perception of digital media within the actual organization and are within the experimental period, but nonetheless, it still shows progress.

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B2B marketers tiptoeing into digital marketing

If you're contemplating digital marketing, there are a couple tips to get you started based on what other B2B marketers are already doing. And they're:

Submit to the search engine gods:

'Old timers' as a marketing strategy are already familiar with the power of the search engine using digital. What the search engine rankings say to the customer is: This is pertinent and important.

A study conducted by Marketo showed that 93% of B2B buyers were using search engines to begin their buying process. Why is SEO so important? Because it enables marketers to reach their customers the instant they're searching. In other words, it's a sales pitch meets curious customer.

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Content is king:

What is it about content marketing that's marketers so excited? It allows for effective storytelling.

B2B marketers which aren't making use of digital have to rely on referrals. However, by showcasing your expertise through video's or sites - rather both - you're participating with your clients and telling them yourselves why they should choose you.

Tying in with SEO, if your clients are looking for products or services that you offer, you can develop stories around these issues and have these customers come to you.

Embrace social media

Social media is among the biggest influences in the digital marketing sphere as it allows for real-time customer interaction.

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