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Augmented reality: a wonder benefitting shopaholics

AR is an acronym for Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is the technology of creating a digital view in the real world. The aim of using AR is to enhance the customer experience by creating a virtual view in the real dimension.

Augmented reality: a wonder benefitting shopaholics

Wednesday June 06, 2018,

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The advancements in technology are increasing day by day. Hence, the need for Augmented Reality App Developers is also increasing. There are many applications of the Augmented Reality. Some of these include gaming, education, retail, e-Commerce, real estate, etc.

In this article, we will study the application of Augmented reality in shopping in detail. We will also discuss how the Augmented Reality is changing the way of shopping.

Gone are the days when the traditional methods of shopping were in vogue. Today, most of the brands consider the new and innovative technologies to attract the customers.  Augmented Reality is one of the best technologies to be accepted. This is primarily why the impact of Augmented Reality on app development has been considerably high. 

 There are many AR apps available on Google Play and App Store. These apps can be accessed through smartphones and tablets to boost the customer experience. Many app development companies are working for the same.

Let’s see how the Augmented Reality is proven to be a wonder for shopaholics:

Augmented Reality enhances the shopping experience

If the retailer has AR app, customers can shop well online. Although customers read the entire product description before placing an order. Still, there is a possibility that they may return the product. The reason behind this may be many such as it does not fit to a particular place in their home. Augmented Reality is the solution to this issue. 

Augmented Reality in retail. Credit: Medium Copper Mobile

Augmented Reality in retail. Credit: Medium Copper Mobile

With the help of Augmented Reality app, customers can test the product by placing it at different locations of their home. Hence, they will buy the product only if it suits their home decor. This not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the possibility of returning the product.

Today, many reputed retail firms use the Augmented Reality in order to increase their sales. IKEA, Amazon are some of the names of such organizations. The IKEA AR catalog helps customers to shop in a better way. Customers can visualize different views of the furniture in 3D. They can also test at which place in their home the product suits better.

Augmented Reality saves time in shopping

When customers enter a retail shop, their main aim is to buy the best product within a minimum time. But this does not happen with most of the customers. Purchasing the best products is really a time-consuming process. Hence, customers spend a lot of time even in buying a single product or sometimes they return empty-handed.

The Augmented Reality is the technology with the help of which customers can shop the best products by not wasting much time. They can switch among the products quickly. Hence, they can try the maximum products within the minimum time.

Augmented Reality personalizes the online shopping

The Augmented Reality is a great tool to personalize your shopping experience. Let’s take an example. You want to buy some clothes. In an offline mode of shopping, you have to visit more than one shops. On the other hand, if you shop clothes online, you should have the correct knowledge about the size. If an online store has its own Augmented Reality app, customers can find it more comfortable to shop. They can try different clothes in a separate virtual dressing room.

If we compare the online store having Augmented Reality app with the one which does not have AR. Customers are more comfortable with the store having AR. Here, they can try clothing just like in real life and select which clothing suits them the best. While, on the online stores without AR, customers can only view the clothing worn by the models.

Augmented Reality brings the In-Store experience to the customers’ home

The Augmented Reality eliminates the offline shopping. With the help of Augmented Reality, customers can shop products while sitting in their homes. The Augmented Reality creates a virtual store experience at the customers’ homes. Hence, they feel just like they are shopping in an offline store.

AR provides important information on the mobile

As soon as you put your device on the product, the AR app will provide you all the information regarding the product. This information includes the price of the product, its expiry date, etc.

Some popular brands that introduced Augmented reality to enhance the customer experience


IKEA is well known for its furniture. In order to save customers’ time and boost their experience, IKEA has launched its own AR app. The IKEA AR App offers the best way to shop furniture online. Customers can check all the dimensions of the products in the 3D view. Moreover, they can place it virtually at the desired place in their home to know the exact space requirements.



The LCST AR mobile app of Lacoste lets users try different shoes virtually. There are different styles of shoes available on the app. Customers can try all these shoes and buy the shoes which best match with their dressing.


American Apparel

American Apparel is a well-known clothing brand. It lets its customers try clothing on Augmented Reality app. This AR app lets shoppers purchase the clothing best suited to their personality.


Sephora is another brand which has introduces Augmented Reality app for its customers. Sephora is a popular cosmetics brand. The AR app of this brand allows users to use the cosmetics products on their virtual image. This helps customers to buy the right product for the first time.

Closing words

Augmented Reality is one of the hottest topics for the app developers. In the upcoming days, the customers will become more aware of the technology. This will increase the demand for the Augmented Reality apps for almost all firms. Hence, the need for top app developers in the field of AR will also rise. We are entering an era of digital technology.