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I stopped buying books ever since I discovered this..

For people who enjoy reading immensely, here's what is changing and you need to catch up quickly because buying books is going to get obsolete soon!

Monday August 01, 2016,

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I recently stumbled upon this concept of renting books and found it extremely interesting. Since we are continuously modifying all of the existing dynamics of everything, this is an extension of buying.

Buying is old. Buying is expensive. Buying has a long set of drawbacks, especially when it comes to books. When you are a bookworm, who cannot stop reading and is constantly on the lookout for more and better books, buying gets expensive! I often end up buying and burning a hole in my pocket when I go on a book buying spree.

There was a time when it was difficult to find books you wanted and the book shop wale uncle couldn't locate it for you, so you had to travel all the way to Chawri bazaar (which if you are a Delhite you must be familiar with) to look for it. Worst case scenario – empty pocket, rowdy mind, so you decide to go to Daryaganj (another spot in Delhi) and haggle with shopkeepers and get the books. (Haggling gives us women a lot of satisfaction).

But now we have Amazon and other such websites who have numerous books just a click away, things have become simpler now! So, what will be the next step?

Digishoppers is an online book renting website which is here with this brilliant alternative of renting books! They have a large inventory of more than 4000 books. The website is a noble effort to help people get a step closer to acquiring books at affordable rates.

Renting is the next step in the revolution. It solves a wide range of problems, primarily that of storage. I have over a hundred and fifty books and two book shelves in my house and if I keep hoarding books in a similar fashion, in no time will my house get transformed into a book storage warehouse. Which I obviously cannot let happen, so then, should I stop reading? Very much like me a lot of book readers face similar storage issues.

Renting a book is a definite solution to this problem, you rent a book, read it and then return it! That too, for all the lazy asses out there, someone will deliver the book and once we are done reading, someone will collect it from us.

For students especially, buying all of their course material gets pricey sometimes. To avoid this they can take a yearly subscription (which is super cheap) and get their course books and study material and return it once they are finished. The books can be rented for an amount as low as Rs. 40 and for a yearly subscription you just need to pay Rs.299 after which you can rent unlimited books!

What’s more is that Digishoppers is expanding their collection and creating an entire section dedicated to students! They will have a detailed layout of books available for students studying different subjects.

They will cover a variety of courses and subjects for example programming, literature, economics, medical and commerce and also have various sub-categories in them. How cool and easy would that be? Not just for those actually pursuing these courses but also for people who want to study them to diversify their knowledge.

Speaking to their spokesperson, since I was curious about how they will create this? I found out that they were going out on a limb here by creating customized categories for each course based on the curriculum for different levels of education. Isn’t this amazing?

Children with limited resources often find it difficult to buy all of their course books, so now this cheaper alternative will encourage them to study and not worry about the expenses incurred. They are also going to provide books for free to people/students below the poverty line. Way to go Digishoppers!

How convenient will things become for students out there not just students actually, but anyone who wants to study and gain knowledge?

They also deliver products within 24 hours (within a single day), as if we weren’t impressed already! The quick delivery service is another perk of this website, but the real hero remains the customized course books on rent for anybody anywhere.

By doing so they are encouraging people from all backgrounds to study. In an under developed country like India where close to 300 million people are living in poverty and approximately 680 million people do not have basic amenities (Clothes, books, food or a house), education is the only way to uplift their lives.

It’s great to see a new generation start-up venturing into this field, to facilitate a better and literate India.

Kudos to them for their revolutionary efforts!