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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

Struggling success

Still awaited to act different...

Wednesday July 12, 2017,

3 min Read

I am girl born in small town in Siwan. Even today after long way to modernization still from this state females are hardly taken up for higher studies seriously. But as my father was working in Tamil Nadu I never had been taken up as a girl. He was the maker of my life who turned all stones ahead of me to make me where I stand today.

My mother being a simple homemaker also supported the best she could offer both of us, my younger brother and me. But destiny is never defined easy going for everyone. I wish to become a successful doctor didn’t hold me long as i had dropped my one year after 12th. This was not easy going for my family as usually in our state after 12th females are normally planned to get married and settled down. By this time My father had also taken up posting in Patna and life was getting more tougher for me. Then I luckily got a seat in thousands rank with a science for graduation from one to the renowned Agriculture college, Pune and finally joined it for 4 yrs technical course.

From there onwards I never looked back and set on going with the life greys and blues. Now I have my own family and settled in Delhi for last 7 yrs.

Being a female and blessed to be a mother I had to take a break for 3 yrs for my child. I donot blame my society for being male dominant as my decision was individual and priority based. But Now when I have re- started my career I feel the society discrimination for these females for not being considered for excellent openings to get a good start in career. Is our society handicapped to consider them outdated from the market or some other reason.

I don’t say that everyone is same but there are some females who are very much concerned about their career goals with family priority in concern. Its in this year 2017 that maternity leave has been extended to 6 months. What about those who were not allowed to take 6 months long leave or work from home option... where do they stand now? I was among the one who was not given maternity benefit as the company was to shutdown and not able to get new offer in the middle of my those days... who is to be blamed for this? company or society or our own lagging thoughts!! 

This is LIFE!!

Today I am working in small IT company as HR in Delhi and still waiting for time when my dream comes true! In today's world people are waiting to judge with what you are and not see the potential what you can do... This is why right people are still waiting at back doors when some one come and give an open opportunity to do their BEST .