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5 aspects that companies need to think about before the launch of mobile apps

5 Things You have to consider before launching a mobile app that is necessary for your product & services.

5 aspects that companies need to think about before the launch of mobile apps

Monday July 30, 2018,

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It is a foregone conclusion that mobile apps are here to stay for a very long time. Thousands of new apps are added daily on App Store and Google Play and the number of downloads for most popular apps runs into billions. It is surely a boon for the end users but the scenario is making it increasingly difficult for app developers to cope up with the growing demand and more importantly retain their users for a long time. The app market is surely overcrowded and still, new companies offer thousands of new apps to all of us any given day.

Lots of investment and hard work is behind a simple gaming app that the end user can’t understand. But the stats about the number of users that an app loses after a certain time is mind-blowing. You can easily guess now how there are millions of apps available on both App Store and Google Play. But the question remains, how a mobile app development company offering such apps can achieve the impossible, that is, maximize growth through retention.

Let me offer you 5 important suggestions in this regard for your easy understanding and how these companies need to act upon so as to make their process trouble-free after the launch of the app and pre-launch activities for best results in the future.

1. User Feedback

Many new entrants in the market usually hasten the release of a product without testing it and getting the feedback from the prospective users. Although I can understand the usage of this practice for a company as they can’t wait to see the reception for their hard work, a delay in the step of feedback from the users can be devastating for them. So it is better for a company to look into this and gather as much feedback through beta versions of the app and get everything under control before the final version is released. This also helps in retaining customers too else no one likes to use an app in their smartphone which is plagued by bugs.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important aspect and one of the fundamental tools of marketing but not kept in mind before the launch of an app. Email marketing is a very important part of inbound marketing nowadays and app developers can take a leaf out of this and apply to the app development and marketing process. There are companies that specifically use email to give customers tips on how to use its products, and it has seen fantastic results. That’s why any app development company should follow these steps for a better result.

3. Make your Platform a Livewire for Future Growth

This is one aspect that can make sure a firm which is not a multi-million dollar venture can also compete with the best in the world. A single step should be enough to offer sharing options so that anyone looking to share it can do so easily and without any hiccup whatsoever. It is for the own benefit of the company so that it can generate good traffic without offering a penny. Quite a useful ploy, isn’t it?

4. Push Notifications

According to LeanPlum, an analytics company, a study’s findings are that 63 percent of push notifications are not sent at the right time and the result obviously doesn’t pay off. Push notifications are surely very much important for a business but they need to send them at the right time timing is very important. Most of the times geographical locations are generally not taken into account. That’s the number one reason how push notifications can bring positive results rather than act as a nuisance for the intended users.

5. Give the On-Boarding Process a Second Thought

The current and fierce competitiveness in the app industry is very important to the users who like your app and then download it for further use. High levels of retention can only be achieved by a company if it is able to assist the users interested in their app. The company needs to help those users by making sure that they can easily download the app, get used to it, and offer excellent value to them. Through this process, a company can be certain that its users will be retained as they know much about the specific app.

Final Word

If you want more clarification for any of the aspect mentioned above or want to offer your valuable feedback for this blog, please use the comments section below.

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