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Just being an MBA is not enough in today’s competitive world

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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Masters in Business Administration is a program that any bright individual with business aspirations looks up to. Its a common trend that is followed in every major city and Hyderabad is no exception.. Students start planning for MBA as soon as they step into their graduation. All through the graduation period, they train to inculcate the skills which they will need to complete the journey of MBA. A lot many of of you may believe that the duration of an MBA program is the only time during which the students are transformed. Colleges play their role, most certainly! A good college is the line between a successful MBA and an unsuccessful MBA.

Yes, there exists something called as a failed MBA as well. Even today you can find a horde of MBA students who are still struggling to get a shot in corporate sector. There are around 130-150 colleges for MBA in Hyderabad. Even if a college’s program intake maybe of around 200-300 students, then by that logic there should be approximately 2 lakh MBA graduates with job should step out. Unfortunately, the logic does not meet the statistics quite as fittingly. The prominent factor for this imbalance is the last line in the process of student development is lack of good colleges, apart from a few ones.

The preparation which starts quite early in the process of education and driven by the decision to pursue a career in business. When the aspirants start their training & learning for MBA, they choose a well-directed path which leads them to a college. Cracking the entrance exams is not a small feat, and yet we see students who score 100% every year. That shows the planning and efforts that went into their goal to pursue MBA. Through this process, they constantly evolve. In terms of personality, knowledge and capabilities. So after doing their part, colleges are responsible for carving their personality to achieve business precision.As students spend a considerable amount of time in an MBA college, the whole experience molds them. Depending on the college they selected for their post-graduation objectives, their career is shaped. This is one of the predominant reasons why people often ask MBA graduates about the source of their degree. This is why the degree of MBA has categorized itself as an education to be taken from premium colleges. A lot of factors depend upon the college from where one is getting their MBA degree. Aspects like the kind of knowledge, prospects, industrial exposure, corporate life, expertise and general sense of life are just a few of them to name. It all depends on the college when the journey of an MBA aspirant is coming to end.