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Classic real estate marketing reimagined for social media

Innovative social media marketing strategies & campaigns for real estate companies benefit to improve visibility and engagement to convert leads into customers.

Classic real estate marketing reimagined for social media

Tuesday July 24, 2018,

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With online marketing flourishing in the present day and age, every kind of business is turning towards this trend and going digital. From clothing to food, to movies, to real estate, every sector has been giving importance to social media and digital marketing. With the increased amount of importance, people are hiring digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and all over the country to perform this task with excellence!

Marketing for real estate is the implementation of strategic and innovative real estate marketing ideas to gain an advantage over the competition, generate leads, and make it much easier to convert those leads into prospects (buyers or sellers.)

Before digital marketing, the age-old marketing techniques which were used were effective too. But not as effective as the current ones. With consumer tools and marketing trends changing constantly at a quick rate, by adding a little twist to these age-old techniques, there can be some very effective results. With this new technique, the real estate agency can create a major impact and can benefit from their social media campaign. Social Media for real estate marketing is growing at a great pace and is now a very important factor in the process of buying and selling houses all over.

Some of the best real estate marketing campaigns are inspired by older classic concepts. Here are a few old techniques which can be reimagined and recreated for better performance and results –

Old Technique – Word of Mouth/ Recommendations

Reimagined Technique – Online Referral Programs

Just as people used word of mouth and recommendations as tools to spread some information or news, or market their services, these online referral programs enable the members to reach out to an unimaginably long list of potential real estate customers and spread recommendations at a quick speed. In the past, only big real estate companies were able to use referrals and recommendations in an impactful way. Now, smaller firms can compete on a level playing field with them, thanks to social media. Any digital agency in Mumbai, or any other city, will strongly recommend online referral programs.

Old Technique – Building Engagement and Trust

Reimagined Technique – Online Conversation with Customers

Social media is a key tool to improve visibility, but it shouldn’t be used only for advertising. It’s also an excellent platform for engaging and building trust with your customers because it allows for more intimate interactions. Building trust and credibility are especially crucial in the real estate business, where transactions usually involve large sums of money and substantial consideration. Recommending or selling a real estate product in a face-to-face situation comes naturally for many real estate agents, but selling online may seem very awkward. You can overcome this problem by encouraging your customers to talk about your company or the experience they had working with you on social media.


Old Technique – Raise Brand Awareness

Reimagined Technique – Conducting Contests and Giveaways

Another real estate online marketing strategy is to hold a contest. It helps you to reach out to your specific target audience. If you’re targeting millennial home buyers, it’s a good idea to hold a tech-related trivia contest with some new high-tech gadget as the prize. For safety measures, one should always look up the state-by-state contest guidelines before running an online contest on social media. After the contest is over, you can use the contact information of participants to create a custom Facebook audience and continue reaching out to them with content.

Old Technique – Create Urgency

Reimagined Technique – Offer limited period offers

Besides increasing visibility and engagement, social media can also help your real estate agency convert leads into customers. Limited-time offers are calls to action that create a strong sense of urgency in customers. Before, such offers were given through paid advertising, email marketing, and celebrity endorsements.

The best real estate advertising campaigns are the ones which keep all these 4 points into consideration and are successful in accomplishing the goals and converting the maximum number of leads. Thus, we can conclude, that while using social media for real estate marketing, the best real estate business marketing ideas come from the older classic techniques used in the past.