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Who says a CV has to be dull, long, boring and in Black and White!

Your CV determines whether you are going to be called in for an interview or not! Our carefully crafted document sets you apart from the stack on the desk with an invite for the interview! 

Who says a CV has to be dull, long, boring and in Black and White!

Wednesday September 14, 2016,

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Coming from an HR Background, with over 20 years of experience, I have come across many CV’s the owners of which are highly talented and skilled but yet, do not land a job! Now not many have the patience to call the applicant to understand if they are apt for the position. What if, one does not take the effort to call? What if one gets rejected, because their CV does not hold the right information? Now who has the patience to read a CV that’s 19 pages long? Yes, I have come across many CV’s that exceed 3 pages. Granted, the one writing the document is so passionate he/she tends to write in detail. What do I, as the person selecting you for a job care about it? Why do I want to know what you do at leisure when you are not working? All I need is to know if you have the right skills, the right attitude and the right exposure.

CVDesigner came into being with pure passion to writing CV’s that will not get one rejected even before they attend an interview. So how different is CVDesinger? We call, we consult, we analyze, we suggest, we take suggestions, we understand your passion and your goals, we take pride in your achievements and above all we feel exhilarated in being able to be a part (though a tiny one) of your success story.

I have had clients call and tell me how differently they were looked upon when they walked in to an interview and how much more seriously they were taken now! I have had clients tell me that the call rates for an interview has spiked up by atleast 40%! Why? Because the hirer sees you care and you treat the interview with a lot of respect and seriousness.