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All You Need to Know About PGDM Courses in India

Friday December 16, 2016,

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If you want to start your own entrepreneurial venture or willing to pursue a lucrative job in the large and renowned corporate houses, PGDM education is the best bet. A post graduate diploma in management (PGDM) helps students to hone their potential and latent managerial skills. They gain several invaluable skills with which they can manage important organizational activities. PGDM involves several crucial functions of an organization like decision making, supervising and motivating employees.

With a range of innovative and traditional PGDM courses on offer, it is necessary to select the right stream. A typical PGDM program has a primary curriculum like international business, human resource, business management, finance, international business and communication management etc. Some of the important PGDM courses in India are as follows:

• PGDM in hospitality and tourism- Hospitality and tourism is fastest growing sector in India. This sector is facing a high shortage of experienced and qualified professionals who can take care of the increasing demand. Booming aviation industry, upcoming luxury hotels and tourism development have also led to the opening of new opportunities in this field. In such a scenario, this PGDM course in India can certainly provides you an edge.

• PGDM in HR- With organizations relying heavily on the mobilization and development of their human resource, PGDM in HR is fast becoming a best career option. It helps you to deal with industrial relations and personnel management.

• PGDM in IT- IT sector is ruling the economy. In such a situation, a PGDM in IT is a lucrative choice. This program will make you skilled in account management, systems consultancy, business development, sales and ERP solutions.

• PGDM in finance- If you love numbers, PGDM in finance is the right option for you. A PGDM in finance helps you to deal and understand the dynamic business needs of an organization like banking, economics, accounting and market structure etc.

• PGDM in marketing- If you are interested in customer insight, market research and brand management, PGDM in marketing is a right choice for you. You will learn all the marketing activities of a product or enterprise like sales and distribution, product development, brand development and market research.

Other important courses that you can select from are environmental management, information systems, health care management, entrepreneurship, internet marketing, international business management and operations management.

Getting admission in top PGDM colleges in India can be difficult as there are several parameters involved that needs to be cleared. Having good marks is not the only required criteria, it is also crucial that you have good skills and knowledge about the sector in which you are planning to make your career. Every college wants to have that perfect student who knows what he wants from PGDM. Most of the candidates are blank in regard to their career even after the first year of the course. It should not happen when you are investing money and time in PGDM which is going to change your life.