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5 reasons to choose long tail keywords

Wednesday October 11, 2017,

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Whether you are starting to build an SEO strategy for your website or trying to run a PPC campaign for your business, the first thing you start with is Keyword research. It is the most important part of your online marketing strategy. But many people fail to understand the importance of Keyword research and they will choose the wrong keywords for their business. They will end up in wasting time and money.

Keywords can be short tail or long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are shorter phrases with generic meaning. For example “Sports shoes”. Long tail keywords are longer phrases with more specific meaning. For example “buy men’s black tennis shoes”. Long tail keywords generally gives an idea about the user intention. This is the reason many SEO experts  use long tail Keywords in their strategy.

Many SEO newbies fails to understand the concept of long tail keywords. Advantages of using Long tail keywords are quite high, so it is not ideal to miss the opportunities.

1 Less Competition

For short tail keywords, competition is likely to be very high and you may need to compete with big brands. This will be very tough for a newbie or small companies. However, for long tail keywords, competition will be far less comparatively.

2 Highly Targeted

As a I mentioned earlier, long tail keywords gives you an idea about the user intention. So any traffic we get from these Keyword searches will be more targeted towards an action.

3 Higher conversion Rate

If we target the long tail keywords with high possibility for conversion, our conversion rate can be increased drastically.

4 Ideal for PPC

Sine the long tail Keywords gives you the user intention , it is ideal to use it in PPC Ads. It will increase the Click through rate (CTR) and more likely to increase your conversion . Long tail keywords provide high return on investment for PPC campaigns.

5 Easy to optimize

On-page optimization will be lot easier for long tail keywords compared to short tail keywords. This is because long tail Keywords look more natural in your content than their alternatives.

So, if you are doing your own online marketing or hiring an expert agency , do focus on Long tail keywords for better results.