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Mycloudforest - Introducing Outdoor Living For Urban Homes

Mycloudforest is India’s first outdoor living and garden design marketplace for home owners & E Commerce platform for plants and garden products.

Thursday June 09, 2016,

4 min Read

The story of Mycloudforest traces back to the time when the founders, Amit Keshri and Amit Nandi, returned to their home in the Garden City from the US. 

As they began setting up their new apartments, they wanted to setup a space for outdoor living in their apartments. The inspiration is the lifestyle they have observed in the western world, where outdoor living is an essential part of lifestyle and a natural extension of indoor design. They realized that creating an outdoor living and gardening space in their homes was easier said than done. The local market did not prove to be a good source of quality plants and there are no integrated solutions available to create an aesthetic outdoor space. The outdoor living and gardening market in India is extremely scattered with very limited and difficult access to quality and product options. Plants are generally available through roadside nurseries which are not  very dependable. Far from being satisfied, this lead them to two realizations: 

1. Our country needs professional integrated solutions for outdoor living and gardening for urban homes

2. Plants and gardening products needs to be easily accessible and convenient for people to buy through an online platform

Encouraged by their innovative idea the founders dedicated 3 months to research and understand the plants and gardening ecosystem and outdoor living design elements across India. What followed was an intense period of planning and discussion with the best horticulturist, landscape architects and designers across India. Interviews with consumers and home owners convinced the founders about the feasibility of their plan. Finally, the founders took the major step of developing online platform for integrated outdoor living and gardening solutions in India and enabling E Commerce of plants & gardening product ecosystem, using technology as the backbone which will enable them to scale rapidly. Thus was born, which is an integrated platform for designing outdoor spaces and provides one stop access to thousands of plants and gardening products. 

Outdoor living and gardening is a huge $50 Bln market in USA. It have already established in China in last couple of decades where its a $30 Bln market at present growing at a rate of 10% per annum since last 10 years. India is still at a nascent stage in this segment with no major players and extremely fragmented market. The market size in India for 2016 is estimated to be around $ 5.5 Bln growing at a rate of 6% per annum. There is no major established competition in this segment and mycloudforest is a first mover in this segment.

There is a strong need for innovation as urban homes in Indian cities are generally challenged by spaces which needs innovative solutions to maximize space. Mycloudforest have invested early in innovation and have a team working on building fresh innovative outdoor living concepts and products with urban Indian homes as their focus. They have the capability to transform balconies, terraces, villa gardens, indoors into amazing spaces which connects indoors with outdoors.

Till date, Mycloudforest has received a phenomenal response from its clients and customers. They are inundated with inquiries regarding the setting up of entire balconies, doing terrace designs, or landscaping for villas, tie up with major business for revamping their offices/budget hotels etc. Till date many homes are already transformed in Bangalore and there is a strong word of mouth marketing.

If you want to possess a garden or outdoor space of your own or relax in your own green corner,it’s time to realize your dream now. You can contact Mycloudforest and their team of talented designers and horticulturists will help to fulfill your dream by transforming any part of your home or office into a green urban garden, as per your wish.