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Best 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Best 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Thursday September 12, 2019,

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Best 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

By the recent online market stats, mobile apps are developed more and the reach of apps to customers hit the success and generate high revenue in online industry. 

The mobile app development is a popular process and you want to hire proficient programmers to develop interactive mobile applications. Many developers are present across the world and you want to choose the best.  Refer to this updated list of ten mobile app development companies located in the United States.  

1. Infinijith Apps & Technologies

Location: Sunnyvale, California 

Founded Year: 2014 

Website: www.infinijith.com

Infinijith Apps & Technologies is one of the leading mobile application development companies in the United States. As an experienced mobile app development team, Infinijith handles a project on different operating systems like Android, iOS, and window-based applications. It is also developing e-commerce applications in terms of m-commerce apps. With a motto to meet customer necessities, developers form Infinijith are committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality services. 

2. FuGenx Technologies 

Location: VA, US 

Founded Year: 2008 

Website: www.fugenx.com 

FuGenx Technologies is a part of UBM Business systems Inc., It is three-time award winning company for technology. FuGenx provides digital innovative products with high quality and creative solutions. It also provides full-project support for their customers. Their services are Android Apps, iPhone Applications, Data Science, Automation Services, Blackberry Apps, Big Data Services. 

3. Willow Tress 

Location: New York 

Founded Year: 2007 

Website: www.willowtreeapps.com 

WillowTree is focussing on mobile strategy, research and also in mobile optimization. Being founded in 2007, WillowTree helps its clients to launch their mobile applications. Its services include Native and Web application development, Android and iPhone app development. With leading app designers and developers, it follows the strategic plan for testing and launching phases. 

4. Envative 

Location: New York 

Founded Year: 1998 

Website: www.envative.com 

Envative is a software development company and the Envative developers are Software technologists. The coders are specialized in custom web app development, mobile application development and in the Internet of Things (IoT) development. They deliver services with robust solutions and can solve all kinds of technical problems. 

5. Dogtown Media 

Location: California 

Founded Year: 2011 

Website: www.dogtownmedia.com 

Dogtown Media is an app development company turning dream apps into real-time applications. Hitting the boundaries of technology, Dogtown Media provides innovative solutions. The developers are handling tasks like mobile app development and front-end design. From scratch, Dogtown Media provides creative services to unique queries. 

6. RipenApps 

Location: California 

Website: www.ripenapps.com 

RipenApps is an innovative mobile app development agency. The Ripeners (developers in RipenApps) focussed on services like Mobile app development, iOS development, Android development, Beacon based mobile applications, and also in IoT development. It is also familiar with Objective C development and doing the task in various industries. 

7. Seasia Infotech 

Location: California 

Founded Year: 2000 

Website: www.seasiainfotech.com 

Seasia Infotech is a CMMi5 certified company. App development, Software development, Web and mobile development are the main services handled by Seasia Infotech. There will be a commitment, trust, and ethics among the developers. Seasia founded in 2000 and has consistently improved their quantitative process. It meets implicit and explicit needs of their clients. 

8. ZCO Corporation 

Location: Boston 

Founded Year: 1989 

Website: www.zco.com 

ZCO Corporation is a breathing software development formed in1989. It is one of the largest app development companies with the powerful development team. ZCO provides attractive, innovative and resilient products and services to its clients. This is handpicked for services like Mobile app development, animation services and also for enterprise software.  

9. Cumulations Technologies 

Location: California 

Founded Year: 2012 

Website: www.cumulations.com 

With a small development team, Cumulation is one of the growing companies in the US having an excellent development team in building mobile applications for Android and iOS. Cumulations developed various IoT devices connecting via Hardware devices. Their services are Wearable devices, Home Automation, and Smart Application Management. 

10. Savvy Apps 

Location: Washington 

Founded Year: 2009 

Website: www.savvyapps.com 

Savvy Apps is appreciated for an award-winning creative agency. It handles creative services and helps its audience to build applications like web development, mobile app development in Android and iOS. Not only in D.C, but it also extended its locations in various regions and provides quick solutions all over the world. Founded in 2009, Savvy Apps has won many awards. 


Mobile app development will have a bright future as mobile users are increasing rapidly day-by-day.  

With this updated collection, you will be able to hire your mobile app developers in the US. Hence, hire the best and produce the best app for your customers.