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What is word press and how does it work

Learn WordPress course with real-time examples and enhance your aptitude skills with the help of this technology.

Thursday June 08, 2017,

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WordPress is open source software used to maintain the website. It is written in PHP. With WordPress, we can create a wonderful website with perfect features. Varieties of themes, plug-in are available. Make your work simple and build your very first web with extraordinary features. WordPress is a blogging platform and it was easy to work.


WordPress allows the users to change the functionality and look of the site. Every WordPress site requires a theme with valid Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and PHP. Generally, themes are classified into two categories: Premium and Free. Create and develop the themes as per your requirements. You may learn how to create a website with best WordPress Training in Chennai. An industry specialist helps the students to create a blog with extraordinary features.

Manage your website

Working with WordPress is easy. You can use WordPress for perfect website creation, installation, hosting, theme management, content management, etc. WordPress supports for Pingback and Trackback standards for displaying links to other sites. The article can also be edited in HTML with the visual editor. Learn how to build the website from the reputed WordPress Training. The people who want to create a new website can get guidance from FITA  experts. Each and every concept will be explained with real-time examples. Within the minimal period of time, you can develop the new site. Become a master in WordPress, at the same time update yourself with current trends. Get start to learn technical courses with experienced professionals.

IT Career

Nowadays, several job opportunities are available in IT field. Programmer, Developer, Tester, etc., are available, the people who want make their career in MNC companies can get training from FITA. Thousands of people are using WordPress, it is helpful to change background, color, logo, etc. It permits to refresh the modules; it also notifies you to update the WordPress.

In the current scenario, education is necessary for all sectors. Without education, it is quite difficult to survive. Placement Training in Chennai offers all types of training, so learn how to develop the application, website, etc.

Communication is important for the perfect job. Enhance your knowledge with awesome training day by day technology has to innovate new things. Without English it is difficult to face the interview, spoken English classes are also offered by this institute.