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List of WhatsApp Marketing Software, Tools & Solutions for Marketers

Review of some of the best marketing tools available for WhatsApp

Tuesday July 18, 2017,

4 min Read

WhatsApp has touched more then billion lives on this planet. Making every 1 of 7 people on this planet accessible and connected via this very easy to use mobile messaging app acquired by Facebook for whopping 19 billion dollars.

Since, WhatsApp is predominantly the most active mobile app used by it's user to interact with their friends, family and business contacts. Many marketers have found a work around from it's counter part feature of not allowing any WhatsApp Ads or other advertising options.

That's when many third party applications, software, scripts, and web based panel comes into disposal.

In this post, I am encapsulating some of the most prominent and famous WhatsApp Marketing Software, and tools that allow you to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns to reach most of your active audience on WhatsApp.

So, let's get started:

1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender - WhatsApp Marketing Software

This application allows you to find active WhatsApp number from your main list of mobile contacts. It allows you to find the most active users on WhatsApp from your core list. And then, send them scheduled messages using Text, Images, Videos, Audio Files, and GPS Location over WhatsApp. 

There are other many advance options like changing status, changing profile photos, replying any incoming messages with automated replies, and many more.

2. Bulk WhatsApp Sender - WhatsApp Marketing Tools & Solutions

This company provides all kinds of WhatsApp marketing solutions including WhatsApp Channels, WhatsApp Marketing Panel, WhatsApp Marketing Suite, and WhatsApp Marketing Services.

This company has been the most active company in providing all kinds of WhatsApp marketing solution with many people raving about it's service & product quality.

3. WAPanel - Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel

When Desktop software isn't enough to fulfill your WhatsApp marketing needs. Comes, WA Panel which is an automated WhatsApp marketing panel which allows you to run marketing campaigns on the cloud. This web based WhatsApp marketing script allows you to operate high volume campaigns using what they call WhatsApp Senders or WhatsApp Channels (which are pre-activated WhatsApp numbers, used by the script & software to run WhatsApp campaigns.)

The good think about this script is that you don't have to rely on keep running your computer, PC or laptop all the time. Because its a web based script you can operate it from anywhere, anytime, and also scale your campaigns to larger numbers.

4. BulkWhatsAppMarketing.com - Premium WhatsApp Marketing Services

There are multiple companies which provide WhatsApp marketing services these days. But, when it comes to accurate and 100% guaranteed delivery. This company come's in the top list of WhatsApp marketing Service providers list.

They provide various WhatsApp marketing packages for resellers also, where you buy credits from them for sending Text, Image and Video format WhatsApp messaging campaigns.5. WhatsAppChannels.com - WhatsApp Marketing Channels

This company is famously known as the main provider of WhatsApp Channels to all the software, script, and tools providing companies across the globe. They have all kinds of WhatsApp Channels including from India, Philippines, China, USA, Canada, and Egypt. Also, not to mention the second best company which provides high quality but guaranteed and comparatively expensive WhatsApp Channels is BulkWhatsAppChannels.com 

6. WhatsAppMarketingService.com - WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider

Want to know the essentials of WhatsApp Marketing?

Many people get themselves confused about how to get started with WhatsApp Marketing. Well, I will do injustice explaining everything myself. Because there are plenty good articles already written into about WhatsApp Marketing. 

Here's few list of articles & posts that go more deeper into how to get started with WhatsApp Marketing:

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Hope you find this a good start to start utilizing the most responsive marketing medium available to reach your prospects right on their mobile phone.

Feel free to comment and let me know about other tools & solutions that you found useful. And I will be happy to update this list from time to time. And in my next article, I will let you know some more ninja marketing techniques that I had experienced myself using WhatsApp marketing to help grow my business along with my clients business.