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Gaurav Gaikwad Shares 5 Tips to Achieve Success in Blogging Industry

Gaurav Gaikwad Shares 5 Tips to Achieve Success in Blogging Industry

Saturday July 04, 2020,

4 min Read

Gaurav Gaikward

With the entire world steadily moving towards digitalisation of their businesses, blogging has become one of the most common and successful ways of earning money in the recent times. Blogging is a technically a mixture of both arts as well as science whose success is determined by the number of loyal followers that bloggers gather.

If you have a passion for writing, then you can select you area of interest and expertise and can start writing your own blogs. However, even though blogging may look like an easy work-from-home job yet achieving success in that area is not as smooth as it looks. There are a horde of people who opt for blogging since it is one of the best career opportunities, but only a few have the patience and talent to make their blogging career as success.

Gaurav Gaikwad, an affluent fashion blogger, through this article shares with you 5 important tips to achieve success in blogging Industry:

  • Conduct Market Research- Even though it may look like a futile job, yet it can be said to be one of the most important effort that you can put in to make your blog a success. Conducting proper market research is essential to look into the type of content that your target readers are already following, what kind of products they are buying and other such relevant information.

Through proper research you will get to know about the likes and dislikes of your readers and you can devise your content accordingly. You will also discover what all social media platforms your readers are usually active on and you can promote your blogs and connect with them on those platforms.

Make a list of all such information and strategies your blog and plan accordingly. The best part about conducting market research is that you can decide on a specific niche if you are confused about the decision. Being prepared is the key here.

  • Stick to your Niche- Some of the bloggers may find this tip pointless but finding your niche and then sticking to it sincerely helps you stay focused. Although it is good if you discuss about each and everything that comes to your mind but it is important to realize that it will just confuse your readers and they will find your website to be quite chaotic.

Readers usually look for websites which will provide them relevant information and articles on any specific genre. This will also help attract a target audience. This will also help you reduce competition by being specific in your niche. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you select a category for yourself in which you are either genuinely interested or are an expert.

  • Look for ways to promote your website- To make your blog a success, writing good and quality content is paramount but without proper promotion your efforts will go futile. Creating traffic for your website is extremely important if you want to build your website.

Usage of common social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is absolutely essential in this age where everyone is hooked to their phones. Along with that, you should be an active self-promoter.

Promoting your website among your family and friends is important however, it means that you have to be careful so as to not look like spam. You have to encourage your friends to further promote your work. A good marketing technique will help you gather good amount of traffic on your website.

  • Engage your readers- Ensuring that your readers keep coming back to your website is a highly difficult job and will require a lot of effort on your behalf.  Creating good blogs is just the starting point since you have to keep your readers engaged even after that if you want to gain popularity among them.

Being active on social media, creating an email subscription, sending out newsletters, posting videos, etc. are just a few of the ways in which you can opt to extend your blog and keep your readers engaged so that they become ardent followers.

  • Make your blogs easy to read- Your website should be simple yet invigorating so as to attract readers and making them stay there for a bit longer. Your blogs should reflect optimum quality and it is important that it looks user-friendly.

You can use images, bullet points, subtitles, etc. to make your blog attractive. It is also important that you write short paragraphs since long ones can make your readers feel bored easily. You can create eye-catchy headlines and highlight your sub-points so that your readers find your blog interesting as well as intriguing.

The idea is to make your readers feel connected to your blogs. If you give out the impression of being too flashy people may not be much comfortable as they should be.