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5 reasons multilingual content marketing in India is more important than you think

Nationalised Targeted Content Marketing

5 reasons multilingual content marketing in India is more important than you think

Monday July 02, 2018,

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All your content marketing strategies can go in vain if the targeted audience does not understand the content. The English language is extensively spoken and used on the web, but you never know who is trying to reach out to you. 

In a country like India, you can never cater to the demands of all your customers by using mere one language for communication. Content marketing should be made multilingual, especially in India where hundreds of languages coexist.

If multilingual content marketing is adopted extensively, it would turn out to be a brilliant marketing strategy. Here are 5 reasons why.

Helps reach masses

Whether your goal is to acquire or retain your customers, only one language may not serve the purpose. Multiple languages help reach the audience of your desire without hiring a translator.

Native language goes to the heart

The goal of marketing is to satisfy the party at the receiving end. Localization of content helps mingling up with the audience, hence leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Gains instant acceptance

Native language has the edge over the international ones. Customers have an inclination towards the products that are marketed in their own languages.

Helps build trust

Marketing should be done in such a way that serves customers’ best interest. Multilingual content brings honesty and transparency in the approach. This helps foster a sense of belonging in the organization by building trust and credibility with your customers and hold onto them for life.

Bridges the communication gap

Marketing and communication go hand in hand. Multilingual content brings smoothness to communication and helps deliver the desired message. If the targeted message is already written in the language understood by the audience, it would save the efforts of translating the content and thus overcomes the communication barriers that are likely to arise in the process.

Devnagri helps Indianized translation

Devnagri.com is a one of its kind platform designed to serve the audience with best ever possible translations for Indian languages. With a power-packed combination of human knowledge and artificial intelligence, it has made translation and localization of content easy, in a pocket-friendly way.

On a conclusive note, it can be said that the need for multilingual content marketing has skyrocketed since it helps your business gets national and targeted recognition. Thanks to platforms like Devnagri, localizing your content is now easier than ever.