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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Flight Bookings!

Everyone loves travelling. If given a choice, we would travel to different places every day. However, while reaching the destination is the fun part, the journey that one needs to go through to get there is a daunting task. 

The Ultimate Travel Guide for Flight Bookings!

Wednesday May 24, 2017,

3 min Read

Not everyone loves taking an airplane. While some may prefer it, others might hate it. The days of flying the delightful skies seems to be gone. Nowadays, airplanes are smaller; you get less leg room and luggage space. For a first-time flyer, this can be really intimidating. Especially, booking flight tickets the right way. When booking air tickets, one is constantly under the impression of whether the flight tickets chosen are reasonable or no. However, this doesn't necessarily mean we have to resign ourselves to merely enduring air travel. There are plenty of ways to improve the experience of air travel.

To make your airplane journey and flight bookings less stressful, it is helpful to have an idea of what to do. Finding cheap flight tickets can be a task. Here is the ultimate travel guide for flight bookings that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

• The most important thing I needs to do before you can start booking your flights, is to sort out the dates of travel and the destination. Once you have that sorted, you can get to booking within minutes. Goomo is a good travel portal that offers flights to a variety of international and domestic destinations

• Book flight tickets well in advance. This might not only be a great way to grab cheap tickets but also a good way to choose the seat of your choice.

• Even though you might hate your phone buzzing at odd hours, sometimes signing up for email or message alerts might actually be helpful. Keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday afternoon. During this point, most airlines find out about the status of remaining weekend flights, and if there are still empty seats available, that’s when they will slash the prices and inform subscribers.

• Choose Red-Eye flights. The first flight of the morning is usually the cheapest while the next-cheapest flight is the late-night flight.

• Stop being picky when it comes to choosing a destination. Take out the filter on your search bar, and find cheap flight tickets to different locations. Being spontaneous might turn your getaways into the best trip ever! You can choose to visit that offers great deals and discounts on flights to various destinations; international and domestic.

• Another great hack to booking cheap flight tickets is by buying a one-way ticket to your destination and back with two different airlines. This technique gives you more flexibility too, as you can come back when you want or even fly home from a different airport. Goomo is one such travel portal that offers flight ticket bookings at reasonable prices from various airlines such as SpiceJet, Air India, Jet Airways, GoAir, etc.

• Put your social media knowledge to some use and constantly check for flight deals on social media websites. Currently, airlines have been blasting fares via Twitter, Facebook, and other such social media outlets. The only setback here is that such hot deals are available for a few hours. So, you need to be quick!

Technology has improved to an extent where a CTRL+SHIFT and enter can get all the work done. The same goes for booking flights. The only essential thing here is that the dates and destination have to be exact. Once you’ve got that sorted, everything else is a child’s play. So, the next time you opt to book flight tickets, make sure you follow these steps to get reasonably low airfares.

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