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Story of a ordinary girl taking a leap in the dark with courage

I believe it is only skill and not degree , which brings financial independence whether you want to do job or launch your own business . We are now used to see many great personalities who are not even metric pass and have achieved the position in business world which one can only   dream of reaching at . Our key focus is on skills ethics for the same reason .

Sunday September 25, 2016,

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We all plan for our better future and this plan often hold the perfect picture of 9-5 job and a clean beautiful house . Anny Middha, 26, nurturing the same dream was also of this kind . A simple and a little bit tom-boy kind girl playing the part in her family as teacher and consultant to the siblings, medical advisor and event organizer to the parents, and host for the entire family gatherings , was unaware of the turn about to come in her life . It was in 2012 when she started realizing that there is a serious role of education in directing the youth's energy towards global peace and harmony instead of violence. Holding the strong belief in - " Pen is mightier than sword", she finally gathered the courage for startup in 2016 and joined hands with TISS .

"I wanted to do a job like a girl next door and have a clean beautiful house. It was during IAS preparation when the social thinker inside me got the boost and my focus shifted to arming the youth with soft skill and ethically strong business practices for global harmony and advancement "

A well known Mumbai based institute established in 1936, Tata Institute of Social Sciences was the perfect solution to her concern , sharing the equal concern for the social issues. Taking stock of the need of the hour , she courageously took the initiative to bring its effective and result oriented education system for the people of Tricity in which she succeeded . Now running institute in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula with the name RMS School , she is providing the employable skills along with the ethically strong business practices to many students to makes their way through career. With an eye to reach every age group and individual, she is dealing in other kinds of courses as well like real estate courses and workshops which are specially needed so as to reduce the stress of home-buyers and corporate world which they usually face due to lack of professionals in this field . Other several programs have been initiated like PG in Sales and Marketing , specially for working professionals  and Digital Marketing just to mention a few." The courses are available to any person who is wiling to learn", she says .


Feeling delighted with the very thought of her family , she mentioned that her family has been a great support both emotionally and financially. It was after her marriage in 2015 when clouds of uncertainty surrounded her dream. But to the surprise , her in-laws and life partner Sushant Sharma backed her up with their full support . Calling him " the right hand man in my life ", she shared her vision of a just society which is a glimpse form his saying ,

" Work is Work! If a man can go out for work when the guests have arrived home , then a woman has the equal need and right to go out for work too ."


Based in sector 34, RMS School holds a special place in the heart of Anny . She says ,"RMS is a baby now !I never thought of going global but the feedback i received from the satisfied candidates made me expand my vision to become global ." Concerned with the issue that Tricity still needs to know about the TISS and essentials skills that her institute provides for enhancing performance and job change , she is trying her best to create awareness in the regard . She is busy juggling multiple responsibilities like arranging workshops for different courses people need to be aware of, organizing events, meetings with different corporates and much more right now . Being a jack of all trades , Anny is a CA by profession and handling it well too .


Anny admits the entrepreneurship has given her much more than just an opportunity to complete her dreams but recalling her past, she says she has a regret of not starting it earlier" Being a lady of courage always , the only thing stopping me was limited aspirations. I should have started it during IAS preparation continuing both neck to neck ", she says with a long face, as it was not at random when she decided to contribute in the field of education , she feels that it took her little longer to make up her mind for this .


It was in 2013 when she got to know about TISS .She was really impressed with its great history where opportunities like Pt. Jwaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi have sung this praises of its quality and dedication . She also sees Mr.Ratan Tata as role model ."You who are in this institute past , present , future , have a very important role in the future of the country", says Mr. Ratan Tata about TISS . Motivated by his words, she decided to bring TISS for tricity but not being an easy task , it made her think for little long as to how this should be done to make it go in synch with her motive as well. Finally she made it possible by providing both her skill oriented as well as quality structure and education to students at same place which is RMS School . Her mantra for success is:

"Success is predictable not accidental so strategize it !