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Beauty brands & digital marketing – a perfect match

Reach out your target audience with effective digital marketing strategies & campaigns in the beauty industry to increase awareness of the cosmetic products.

Beauty brands & digital marketing – a perfect match

Friday December 15, 2017,

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How often do you see beauty brand billboard campaigns? Probably not too often, this is because most of the beauty brands have abandoned their traditional ways of marketing and are now shifting to digital platforms. Social media has created a vast number of strong communities which have now become the new source of marketing.

Marketers are now shifting to these modern methods because it is cost-effective targeted marketing which gives them a good return on their investment. Beauty brands are reaching out to its audience on these platforms and making them aware of the latest and trendy products that the company has to offer.

The digital strategy for cosmetic brands is gaining importance day by day and people are slowly starting to abandon the traditional methods of marketing.

Here are some statistics that will give us a holistic view about these changes-

1. 95% people who want beauty related advice or any sort of beauty related content head to YouTube.

2. As of 2016, there are 15 Billion beauty related videos on YouTube. Can you guess how many of them were created or outsourced by beauty brands? Just 3% Yes that’s right, 97% of the content put up on YouTube is User Generated Content.

3. Influencers play a crucial role in the Beauty Industry. Influencers are people who have established their audience through various means in a particular field, it can be Lifestyle, Food, Beauty etc. The top 25% of beauty influencers have a shocking 115x more subscribers than top beauty brands.


4. A recent survey found that 82% women think that social media influences real life beauty trends.

5. 92% make up users get their information on make-up products from either from an Instagram Influencer or a YouTube Vlogger.

Essentially, beauty and skin care consumers are tired of Photoshop advertising campaigns and are turning to advice from someone they trust.

There are various digital agencies in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities which can help beauty brands establish a digital presence. A social marketing agency can really help the brand image and in turn boost the sales of an organization. What these firms also do is they come up with a digital strategy for beauty brands which can help brands target their audience, with technology like geographical tagging, marketing has never been so cost effective before.

There are various digital campaigns in the beauty industry which have helped beauty brands

Earlier, Burberry had organized a beauty campaign, they came up with the campaign, ‘Burberry Kisses’. The concept behind the campaign was to build emotion through technology. This was done by making people send a personal kiss from their cell-phone to anyone globally. Burberry developed an application where if you kissed within a limited space on screen, it would note the shape of your lips to make each message extra personal. You could then change the color of the lip mark to match with the lipsticks they were launching at the time and type a message to the recipient. So, not only were they getting people to enjoy a digital experience, but they were also featuring a discreet but effective product placement.

Jaclyn Hill, a youtuber with over 3 million subscribers tied up with a brand called BECCA cosmetics to create a shimmering skin perfecter called champagne pop. This product had a turnover of 4 million dollars when the product was released. A hype was created to such an extent that when they ran out of stock in the stores, people started ordering it from E-bay which was priced higher than the 38$ selling price in the stores.

Social media can either make or break a brand when it comes to beauty and cosmetic products. People trust consumers and User-generated content more than any advertisement. The consumers are tired of unrealistic claims made by Brands and are lending their ears to a trustworthy source.

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