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How to keep a plan B ready for your new career

How to keep a plan B ready for your new career

Wednesday July 18, 2018,

4 min Read


Have you as a professional, ever created a Plan B for your career? Most people choose not to while some believe that it is actually beneficial to create one when there's still time in hand. In the earlier times, jobs definitely were those long-term propositions. You didn't have to think about a Plan B. However, the modern workplace has changed all of that.

Jobs and people's career has come under the chopping block because of corporate changes, ever-changing work practices, and poor financial performance. You do not have any job security in today's times, to be honest, and there is absolute uncertainty related to the corporate world.

Most corporate and start-ups choose to downsize suddenly and you as an employee can suffer if you do not have a Plan B for your career.

It might be possible that your main plan didn't work out as it was expected to. But, there's no need to worry about it. All you need to do is have a backup plan in your mind. Listed below are a few ways in which you can work on your Plan B so that you are good to go at all possible times.

Networking Is the Key to Succeed

There is no doubt in the fact that in order to succeed you definitely need to work on your networking. To accomplish, you need to work on your networking. In this highly competitive world, to win the race, you have to be prepared all the time. You might not be looking for a job but keeping in touch with the right people can prove to be the perfect dealmaker for your Plan B.

Attending school reunion, keeping in touch with your teachers, participating in shared activities at the workplace, sign up for social networking meets etc can all work in your favor.

Update your Social Media and Resume on a Regular Basis

Why do you even need to update your resume when you are in a job position that you are perfectly happy with? Well, for the sole reason that crisis can crop up at any point in time and it is always wise to remain prepared for it. By updating your skills and accomplishments once in a few months, you would be able to make things easier for yourself.

Take, for instance, you did an absolutely splendid job at your workplace and your boss sent you a letter of appreciation. Make sure to save this somewhere in your mail folder as you might need it later. Keep on reposting your updated CV on several job sites and make the necessary changes to your social media.

Be Open to Learning New Things

You might be a writer, but you might have an inclination towards photography and there's no reason you should pursue it alongside. Be open to learning newer things at all times-- side projects, hobbies, online courses etc

. All these would enable you to stay nimble at a time of uncertainty. You would find yourself in a better position in life if you have experiences in several fields and have tried to do a bunch of things. Join online Institutes if you have to. It would help in making sure that you have perfected the chosen field.

Work on Honing the Skills You Possess

As it is quite obvious, it is your existing set of skills that have landed you the job that you are currently in. Therefore, you should keep working on improving and refining it. Just like you learn new thing, your works keeps evolving too and therefore you need to keep up with it. If you are into architecture, look into more advanced options. If you are a photographer, get yourself a certificate.

Whatever you do, always remember to polish your skills which enable you to interact harmoniously and effectively with other people. This could be your communication skills, conflict resolution skills or flexibility and teamwork. Think of yourself as a work-in-progress and keep working to make yourself better each day.

Other than all of the above, always make sure to backup the data from your work computer on a personal hard disk which you feel can further your career. Never give up if your plan A didn't work out, focus on plan B and you would surely succeed.