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How to get your guest post published in authoritative sites?

How to get your guest post published in authoritative sites?

Monday July 02, 2018,

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Either it is a blogger, content writers or digital marketer they look for a link from an authoritative site for their blog or client’s site respectively.

If you know a little bit about the science behind backlink then you know what I mean else please go to Google and understand the link building and how it helps digital marketers.

This article is not about getting your post get published on Forbes or Huffington post but in the mid-range websites with domain authority(DA) of 32 to 70.

Being a blogger with DA(32) I receive a lot of request for guest blogging and sponsored blogging on my site but most of the articles are written for the sake of getting a backlink, not in an intention to give a detailed solution or a knowledge sharing one.

So here I am coming up with few tips for my fellow bloggers to help them get their post published.

1. Know your audience

Please know your audience before start writing anything, don’t be too generic.

Here in this post, I have clearly mentioned above for whom I am writing ( bloggers and marketers). My content is also talking about what they are looking for.

Don’t deviate from the core one-liner.

2. Stop Promoting your product

A study says 93% of buyers start their buying process online and 73% of people come back to the site which provided the solution, not a sales pitch.

Don’t over promote your product. Just offer the right solution for what they are searching.

There are many chances they will end up buying on your site in future when the real need arises.

3. Show real examples

Quote real-life examples from your own experience.

The theory is good but teaches your readers how to achieve it in real life.

4. Use plain text

90% of readers lose interest in reading the article if they have to refer the dictionary frequently.

Many bestselling books are written in simple plain English to communicate in an effective manner.

Don’t show the power of your vocabulary, be plain and easy.

Being clear is better than wit.

5. Share your opinion

Always conclude the article by sharing your own opinion. Fulfill the purpose of landing on your page.

These are the five simple things bloggers and marketers should consider to get their post published.

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