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How can emerging artists sell art online like a pro?

How can emerging artists sell art online like a pro?

Friday March 23, 2018,

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There is no denial of the fact that new artists keep decking the world of art with something new and creative. Indeed, it is important to serve the art lovers with something new and innovative on the table every now and then to keep their interest in art surging. 

The established artists have honed the skills and techniques of the art genre and style they practice. However, you can also not say anything but accept that new and emerging artists have that zeal and passion to do something new, which the established ones somehow lack.

Undoubtedly, the novice artists leave no stone unturned to do something so new and out breaking that they become the talk of the town overnight. Yes, some of them achieve their motive soon but to some success doesn’t come that easy. It is so as they find the process of selling and finding customers for their artworks a bit daunting. 

Contemporary paintings even though are the trendiest thing to buy and every art lover longs to buy. Still, reaching the art enthusiasts who resonate with your work is not as easy as it seems to be. Unaware of the right track to follow, the artists find it hard to sell paintings. Well, don’t you think harnessing the power of the Internet through the social media channels optimally can actually surge the sale of the contemporary paintings you make? 

The times when artists would need a team of brick & mortar galleries are gone. Now, the new artists can be their own one many armies. However, in order to be one, you would need to understand few of the aspects that can help you in achieving your goal.

Therefore, in this blog, we tell you how you can promote your work and attract more eyeballs towards your work. Take a look.


• Begin with marketing yourself first:

Prior to starting your journey of selling the artworks, introspect. Ask yourself what is that one thing that other artists don’t have but you have. Do you have something extra to offer the art lovers than other artists? Answer such questions and make a list of features that give you an edge over other artists. It can be your journey, it can be your achievements or it can be just the way you make art. After analyzing all of these things and knowing what can interest the art enthusiasts and collectors more about you, make your profile in online art galleries. You can also make a website of your own, in order to make your name more search friendly. Start sharing the link to your profile and website on the social media handles.

• Join online art galleries:

You will find art communities and galleries for every art style, be it traditional paintings, amazing contemporary paintings or some other. Join as many art communities as you can. Moreover, it is recommendable to join art galleries that don’t just stick to selling one genre or style of painting instead opt for the one that sells paintings of various genres and styles. Do so as such galleries enjoy high traffic on their websites and this also increases the chances of your work to come in the eyes of the interested. Be sure that the galleries you are associating your name with are authentic or not.

• Follow the trend of blogging:

Blogs increase your reachability manifold. This is a proven fact that the artists who write blogs garner more attention than the one who doesn’t write. By blogging, we don’t just mean writing blogs related to art and putting them on the website. We are talking here about SEO blogging. Do good research on the google keyword planner to know which keywords are searched more by the public. Also, keep a watch on the news related to art, write on it. It requires efforts but if done rightly, it can fetch a large number of appreciators and buyers.

• Click quality pictures of the artworks:

Unlike offline art galleries, the world of online art demands for pictures of the works. That is why it is imperative to click good quality pictures of your works. If you have not clicked the picture of your work properly, it will fail to attract the potential buyers. So, take shots from various angles and look for what you want to highlight.

In a nutshell, don’t lose hope, the art world can intimidate you at first but if you will follow the aforementioned steps you will soon be able to sell your contemporary paintings and gain name and fame in the world of art.


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