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How to write an effective headline to a post or article.Copywriting techniques for SMM

How to write an effective headline to a post or article.Copywriting techniques for SMM

Sunday April 02, 2017,

4 min Read


Drawing up a header for post on Facebook, blog or article is important enough and requires the most careful attention of a copywriter or editor. First, today’s abundance of information flow, simply wash away the soft, weak title will not let the visitors to see it and want to read more. Second, search engines index, first of all, by title, which further leads or does not lead users right.

Therefore, it is recommended to take seriously the process of drawing up the header for social networks (SMM) or copywriting articles on the site. Below is a look at some tips on how to be effective and valid title.

To begin, consider the basic principles and tips for creating heading for an article, an essay, which is recommended for all journalists.

1. Tell the essence

It would seem a banal advice. Nevertheless, the title should tell the essence of the article. Not all from start to finish (decoupled), but the basic information (eg, plot, outline) should give. The title should answer the simple question: what does this article. And of course the headline should be combined with the main picture — today in all social networks, without this in any way. Title + image = explain the essence.

2. The headline should promise

The headline should not only tell the whole essence of the article, but it has to promise more. To make it clear that by clicking on it we read more than was invested essentially in the title itself, and it will be interesting.

3. Use catchy words

Next step of writing a good headline and attractive look, is to use the correct location and the number of words. If you pay attention to the headlines of news sites, you will understand. But do not get involved in it and use dill. Use no more than 10 words in the title, better 7–8. Otherwise, the eye will be hard to grasp at a glance the entire title. If the title has turned into multiple lines (such layout resource), then place the keywords in the beginning. Use the pun.

The rest of the tips, just specify and elaborate the first 3 advice:

4. Use strong words

for example: free, kill, easy, secret, sex. Place them at the very beginning of the title to view the scan reading, certainly hooked. And I read the whole sentence would certainly wanted to read the entire article, or at least click run and eyes. Perfect headline could be written like this: “Get to know the secret of why free sex is easy to kill” (just kidding;)).

5. Call emotion

Challenge your headline emotion. Better contradictory. No matter the fear, pleasure, joy. But emotion. Introduce yourself to read it, and feel that you offer for a title. What emotions arise about reading? Imagine yourself a man of the target audience. The title should evoke emotion, should not leave indifferent readers. Humor can be used, but very carefully, not all have the ability to evaluate humor. Black humor. In general, vector emotions should be directed in two directions: fear and love — these are the main moving force of people.

6. Remove unnecessary words

remove all the words-parasites and unchanging essence of the word phrase. After compiling chernorvoy version of the title, distracting and read it again. Ask yourself what is the most concise version of the title phrase. Try to lay down a title from the pomace phrases, without further ado. Here brevity is important.

7. Provocative question (Council)

Make a list of provocative questions on the topic of your post and try to entitle them. Quite often, it is a question of attracting the attention of most. For example, “10 ways to make a killer headline” or “Why, concise title sexier?”

8. Use of shock and curiosity

Compose a phrase that will stun the reader, shocking him and make sure to read the full article or post. Inflate intrigue heading. While someone like this or like that. But our opinion — “horror” is not the right way. Better to let it be funny and scary than scary and disgusting.

9. One line — the ideal

Try to put a title on one line (considering the layout of your site, social networking).

10. Easy to read the title

The title should not only easy to read but also to be pronounced. Therefore, try not to put a number of complex words.

11. Do not use negation

Title should be in the affirmative. Do not use negatives in the headline phrase.

Certainly, it is a little bit of advice copywriter, but I hope these tips will help you in making the title of the article or post run by a group of social network or the company’s blog.