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Why Drupal Web Application is Ideal for B2B Markets

Why Drupal Web Application is Ideal for B2B Markets

Wednesday July 10, 2019,

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Drupal Development

In this era of digital business, a strong digital presence with the best CMS is a must for the B2B markets. Drupal which is an open source content management framework written in PHP is a surefire to secure your business's online presence. Drupal web application development has a lot of benefits to offer you especially if you are targeting a B2B approach. Given below are some such advantages of Drupal development services.

Since digital channels are the foundation of b2b enterprises, a strong Web CMS ecosystem remains the cornerstone of this foundation. Drupal CMS offers a wide range of features and extensibility, providing the perfect ecosystem for a good guest experience.

Use Drupal to provide your corporate customers with secure access to account information, orders and upcoming product/service information. With the expertise to create b2b enterprise solutions on Drupal, a good Web development company will deploy your digital strategy to your specific operational and security requirements.

1. Quality assurance

Drupal consists of a plethora of modules through which multiple features can be added by the developers. The modules are robust and pave the way for rapid and agile development. The fact that Drupal is open-source provides the opportunity to developers worldwide to fix the issues and enhance the development part. You can easily leverage the potential of performance, CRM, back up, SEO and login modules for your business through Drupal.

One of Drupal's main selling points is its ability to create and manage a variety of content types, including but not limited to videos, polls, blogs, podcasts and statistics. Because of this feature, Drupal supports a flexible design platform that creates content-rich websites for a variety of different markets, such as media or business. The script also includes design element editing capabilities, which makes it easy to create simple and complex web pages.

2. API support and Responsiveness

Drupal developers have the opportunity to create their custom modules with the help of well-documented API. The API supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. This is another supreme benefit of Drupal application development which cannot be neglected.

Drupal mobile application offers awesome responsiveness. Being fully responsive the content can be comfortably accessed on the web, phones, and tablets. This ensures better performance in this digital arena.

4. Scalability and Freedom

Drupal provides you creative freedom once you adopt it. With this, you can manage development at your suitable speed and convenience. It smoothly integrates with your existing marketing and sales technologies. It encourages new ideas and efforts to earn the maximum output.

Web development with Drupal also provides a degree of freedom you can't find on commercial alternatives. Business systems typically have a specific way of working and have specific paths that you must follow. There are restrictions and restrictions. But Drupal lacks these limitations because it is open source. You can build the digital experience you want without parameters or restrictions. It can automate the development of web development projects and encourage new collaborations and ideas. It won't lock you into a single system or process, giving you the freedom to adopt your own web development approach.

CMS has massive scalability, starting with five pages and extending to 5,000 pages without any changes. You can easily manage security and performance parameters from the management console. As an open source software, Drupal gives you a license to sell any development work done on the platform. You also don't have to pay any royalties. Everyone has access to the source code of the programs and applications designed on Drupal.

5. Cost & Reliability

Drupal is worth its cost. You can build the most complex application with a low total cost of ownership. Drupal offers a variety of modules and third-party integrations that can be used to develop a Drupal mobile app as per your preference. It is an efficient content management framework that comes with an enormous amount of options free of charge.

Even if you are about to handle a large amount of traffic, Drupal will come to your rescue. The successive versions of Drupal have been quickly adopted with version 8 getting the fastest rate of adoption. Thus if you are looking for corporate success, this platform is meant for you.

7. Security

Drupal takes effective security measures. This coupled with the security patches and regular updates from the community make the overall security more robust. It gives you the option to easily manage the security parameters directly through the admin panel. It protects you from online hacking attempts and helps you to freely concentrate on the success of your business. Drupal also provides unshakable security. As of 2015, the annual Drupal Security Report states that "there are no widely exploited vulnerabilities in the Drupal core, and there are no patches or upgrades in public disclosure." The closest known example is the exploit in Generic XML - the RPC codebase in Drupal Used in earlier versions. All vendors that use the library are at risk, but no extensive attack can work. “In short, CMS is highly secure and provides regular patches and protections to make it the best choice for corporate customers.

A Drupal development company has accelerated the path of its growth largely because Drupal development services are much appreciated in the market. Now it is your time to take benefit of the efficiency and plenty of advantages that this platform brings. Drupal is one of the best CMS platforms which knows to deliver the right content, at the right time on the right device.