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Important tips on procuring corporate uniform

With regards to dressing your employees, picking the correct uniform is imperative. Here are a couple of incredible tips on planning the best corporate uniforms, to profit your business and your staff.

Important tips on procuring corporate uniform

Sunday June 25, 2017,

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Dress yourself elegently

Dress yourself elegently

Regardless of whether you are a fresh out of the plastic new startup, or need to patch up your organization's look, you most likely have representative industrial uniforms at the forefront of your thoughts. This part of your organization is about more than giving a standard look to your workers - it is fundamental to your image and the impressions you leave with clients.

Since you know exactly how intense a uniform can be, you might think about how you ought to plan the ideal uniform for your business. There is a gigantic assortment of styles, hues and different elements to consider; however a couple of essential tips will dependably remain constant with regards to making a decent uniform.


Certainly true, great looks are vital to a decent organization image. Yet, ensuring that the uniform fits the employee and provides comfort is imperative, as well. While selecting uniforms for your employees, consider the work and duty the employee with performs in the outfit. Comforts is obviously the sum total of quality and type of fabrics, the pattern and design of uniforms as well as the accessories that are added as a part of overall theme. Selecting cotton blended fabric that are breathable bring about more comfort in hot and humid environment.

Hence, while looking for comfortable uniforms, follow the parameters stated in points below: Quality, fabric and colours as well.

Uniforms that fit well and feel great imply that your workers can focus on their employment, and don't need to object with pulling down a skirt that is climbed up, or pulling at a neckline that is too tight. Furthermore, let's be honest - if your workers are stressed over what they look like, they can't be centered on the current task. A decent, agreeable uniform can build surly help focus on core task and increase productivity.


It is very important to look for high quality uniforms so that they are durable as well as comfortable. Although the cost may be bit high, but the comfort that it provides to your employees set-off the cost positively. Therefore, we advise you do not purchase cheap or inferior quality clothing, as these will spoil early and can give you more problems.

Low quality corporate uniform as well as industrial uniforms like lab-coats/aprons tends to deteriorate faster, conveying an unwanted image by the company employees. Always choose high quality uniforms so that your staff stays in perfect clothes for much longer time. High quality uniforms present positive image of your company in the eyes of the clients.

At times, it get difficult to judge the quality of fabrics without using. There are textile hubs in India like Surat, Bhiwandi, Bhilwara, Tirupur, Ludhiana and may others. One can find hundreds and thousands of suppliers supplying huge varieties of fabrics. However, it is always recommended to stay away from such suppliers and prefer trusted quality fabric.


The correct fabric selection gives more prominent look to a corporate uniform. Cotton blended filaments, for instance, help make work garments gentler and lighter to wear; they additionally keep uniform in its shape, which thus helps the worker keep up a professional look.

This is a direct correlation between how employees feel in the uniforms and their productivity. While finalizing the uniforms, the type of fabric selected makes huge difference. Say for instance, selecting high blend of polyester fabric will surely be cheap and save you on budget but is extremely uncomfortable for employees, making them less productive. Further, high percent of Viscose in your shirt fabric often results into bubbling; giving really bad impression and employees feel really awkward presenting themselves in front of any client. Similarly, chambray and fila-fill fabric does the wonder of modern outlook and comfort.

There are a lot of corporate uniforms suppliers in Surat who supplies fabrics at very low cost. However, Such fabrics for making uniforms for staff are not advisable since they are high on polyester and/or viscose. Saving on the cost by purchasing such low cost material has large scale implications.


"Uniform" no more signifies “boredom”. The market is flooded with the texture, patterns and colour options to choose from while deciding for corporate uniform. From subtle pastel colours to vibrant and bright shades, you are no-way left with options now. When you feel confused, refer to your business logo and colour themes to guide you. Either choose colour that brings about solidarity with logo and contrast it. As far as darker shades are considered in uniforms, they are preferred by those who want to get-away with stains appearing / visible. Darker shades like navy, charcoal, etc are particularly useful for those whose job is intrinsically messy like mechanics or assembly-line workers and so on.


While you choose the design and colour options for your employee uniforms, always make sure to keep your company’s brand image in mind. Subtle design and colour choices for corporate uniforms can have a large impact on how your company, its employees and their attitude towards are viewed and interpreted. Does your company deals in high end technological products or perhaps targeting parents of teenagers? The choice of uniforms in both cases will highly differ without much explanation. In some cases, a classic polo with your company logo does the magic. Pick up the uniforms that are in accordance with your organizational business and professional approach.

Finally, do not forget to take care of subtle points that reinforce your brand such as name tag, logo options, etc while designing the uniforms. These small yet critical touches can be as impact as uniforms itself.

Tips by: V&S Enterprises