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Know the essentials to create a successful app like Uber

This article will give you the idea about how the uber got success in the market and what elements can rise up your taxi booking app.

Know the essentials to create a successful app like Uber

Tuesday June 05, 2018,

5 min Read

You might be in search of a guide which can give you the exact idea of how to create a successful app like Uber. For that, it is likely to do proper research at the initial stage, which you might have done. That is also possible that you might be polishing your already gathered knowledge. 

But all and all you must be aware that creating an App is not easy as it seems to be. If it was that easy why everyone won't have launched a similar app and enjoy the fruits of success without making any efforts.

Competing with the big birds of the market like Uber is not easy at all. Especially when you are going to offer similar service and targeting the same audience by focusing on same service area. You need to come up in a full proof manner ready with back up plans to survive in the market. 

Offering unique features to the users may give the chance to be full proof. Only the experts having many years of experience in developing such apps can guide you and make you aware of the current trends. To get rid of getting confused every time with technical aspects, it is better to take help of experts.


Which are those must-have and uplifting features for every taxi booking app?

Take a quick look at those features which are not only necessary but also uplifting for any taxi app.

1 - Tracking and navigations

Navigations and tracking can be considered as the heart of any taxi booking app. No one even can think of a taxi app without tracking and navigation facility. It is one of the must-have features for your app. It does not only help in getting the path while riding but it also helps to calculate the fare for that particular ride. With the help of navigation, the driver and rider both can select an accurate path to the destination mutually.

2 - Online payment facility

The online payment options ensure that the business does not need to lose because of unpaid rides, as the payment details of the rider are already registered with the app before starting the ride. It also facilitates the user to carry just a smartphone while traveling. It ensures the security of driver and rider both, as they do not need to carry cash. There is no chance of getting robbed while serving at risky locations.

3 - Deals for daily customers

If a person is riding with you for a very long time, it tells that the person is showing the trust towards the app. To delight that kind of regular customers and give them some benefit from the app it is a good idea to offer them some good deals. Offering deals totally depends upon the policies of the app. After every few kilometers of the ride, the user can be delighted with a free ride or discounted ride to keep up with that same trust for a long time.

4 - Pre fare calculation

The user can know the fare from his/her location to the desired destination even before confirming the for a cab. Try to create an app like uber which gives user this facility. The pre pricings can be provided on the kilometer basis or on the basis of the total time it would take to complete the ride. It is one of the strong features and people expect it to have in the taxi app they are using.

Along with all those above-mentioned features Uber got a vital rise with below-mentioned elements

Something for users

Uber works carefully to resolve the problems reported by the users and continuously trying to provide a better experience every next day. All the apps almost made the situation like people even having own car are now preferring to travel from the taxi apps. The apps offer the ride at reasonable pricing and with so much convenience the user does not even think of going anywhere else.

Something for drivers

Uber always took care of the drivers working with them. Uber always upgrading for making the associated drivers secure and safe. Uber has given the opportunity to work with them, who were not getting any work in the city. The driver can serve at his/her convenient time and can earn as much as possible.

Smart launch and steady growth

Uber targeted their audience smartly. They launch in such a place where they already knew that the people will show their warm approach towards any new tech trend. They also took the help of smart strategies by promoting the service at different events and locations. For a smart test, they also offered the free rides and took the feedback from genuine users.


The success of Uber has inspired many entrepreneurs and startup persons to launch their own app basically providing the online taxi booking service. Uber is the leader in this market and continuously evolving to provide better service every next day. So if you are also planning to launch your own similar app, there is no other better day than today. Brush up your ideas and give them the freshness of current trend. Take the help of experts and get your customized app as per your need to fulfill the need of your customers exactly!