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Social Media is about Quality NOT Quantity!

If you're using social media from a business or personal point of view - the below post will disrupt and fundamentally change the way you look at social media.

Friday May 06, 2016,

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I thought I would write a quick post as I've noticed a couple of trends emerging in the social media spectrum that need to be adressed.

If you're using social media from a business or personal point of view - the below post will disrupt and fundamentally change the way you look at social media

If you do the 2 things listed below, you are actually doing more harm than good to your social media profiles and overall brand.

1. Twitter - Don't follow more people than are following you.

There are a lot of people that use the following / follow back thing on Twitter.

This is practice I don't condone - however, following more people than are following you is actually bad for your account.

If you use marketing analysis tools (and you should) you should see your Influencer score through them.

As a rough idea, influence is calculated with the below factors - they way it is calculated differs from platform to platform.

The formula doesn't matter as someone with a high influence will have a high influence regardless of platform and will also be in the same position relating to everyone else. This is because the same calculation formula is used on everyone on the platform.


Number of followers

Number of times added to a Twitter list

Number of tweets and engagements

Number of tweet impressions

People the account is following

One thing that most people don't know is that the people the account is following does not get added or subtracted - but it's actually the number everything is divided by.

A good general formula to go by is:

((followers + added to lists + tweets and engagements) * impressions ) / following

This means one important thing:

The more people you follow - the less influential you are!

It also means that having 1 million people following you doesn't make you influential, however having 100 followers and your tweet retweeted by every person following you, does.

2. Facebook - Engagement is the way to freedom

I mean, literally - the more engagement you have, the more people you can reach for free, without getting sponsored posts.

As you probably know - you reach about 5-10% of the people on your Facebook (company) page with your posts.

Facebook's algorythms classify things based on engagement and interaction and displays them to more people if the content is engaging and interesting.

A thing I've noticed lately is that a lot of pages push 2-3 posts per day and have little to no interactions on it and reach about 100 people with each.

One thing I do is post once a day and reach 1000 people with less of a following on my page - because the first 10 people that my post reaches almost always interact and engage with it.

The most important thing to get from this:

The more people you engage - the less money you need to spend!

If you need more advice and information relating to your marketing and digital things, feel free to get in touch.

Hope it helps,

Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi - http://www.linkedin.com/in/nachosdj