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From Personal Diary Writing to Publishing Two Books, I Am A Sole Trader Now

I wrote more than a high school student does his homework and class work combined. A collection of 12 personal diaries made me 'Word-Maniac' since I was 9. 

Monday September 12, 2016,

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During the College (2010-2014), I would write the newsletters, event inauguration and college announcement notices. People write it because they write it; I was not amongst that list. Being Elocution and Extempore champion in Schools and College, I have always been good with words, be it any mode to expressing it.

Commenced with writing blogs for my own satisfaction, I started to get paid, though a little but sufficient to spend on weekends. Unfortunately, I couldn't do any more writing gigs in the college. Personally talked and lectured by Ketan Marwadi, CEO of Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd and Founder of MEFGI Group, I was privileged during my college days. After completing graduation, I supervised in Asia Motor Works from July 2014 to October 2015. During that time, I wrote a book which will come into the scene later.

Being a mechanical engineer, I could not survive 15 months in Asia Motor Works (AMW). I left AMW and published my first short story book 'The Weak Point Dealer' in March, 2015 which was not a hit but certainly added a feather to my cap.

Started with small business like Tenuz, Indiadesh, and few others I started mywriting journey in January 2016. I was continuously engrossing myself on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Quora, Medium, BuzzFeed and Tumblr. I thought of doing creative and innovative things I loved. And what I loved? Writing- It motivated me to jump off in full-time content writing career. I managed to make several pages on diverse networks. Not only had I begun to find clients from different fields but also my engagement in social media heightened.

Along with doing part time job then, with inc42.com, one of the emerging startup blogs in India, I wielded my writing to contribute to it. Writing just gives me the confidence to write anything and everything on the web. Trouble didn't seem to leave my back and the decision of jumpstarting into writing was evidencing immense doubt within me when I was dismissed just after 3 months of service because of company's new cost-effective policy. Unluckily, I occurred in the category of junior level employee who has joined recently. I joined a technical writing firm in January 2016 but the new cost-effective policy in the firm led me to leave the job. There was nothing I could do but hold my nerve and look forward.

Having enough knowledge of Guest Posting, SEO, SEM and other digital marketing aspects, in April, 2016, I enrolled into 360 Degree Technosoft, one of the dignified and prestigious mobile app development companies across the globe. Even my CEO Pratik Kanada himself endorse Bhavik everytime he gets a chance. I am now a dedicated contributor to Entrepreneur, HuffingtonPost, YourStory, Inc42, InternetBillboards, LifeHacker, Influencive, and many other popular blogs on the web.

We know that the renowned digital blogs policy of becoming a ‘Contributing Writer’ is not at all easy and filling up the ‘Submission Form’ won’t just let you in. 

When asked what the formula of the steep growth is, I unveil my‘Six Sensational Sequential Secrets’- ROW-RCS.

Read (R)

Whenever I want to be a contributing author to any blogs, I read its articles a lot.

Observe (O)

I keep an eye on whether they engage with the shared article or not.

Write (W)

Write what you are good at, write what holds the attention and write what others wouldn’t/couldn’t.

Reach (R)

It’s about making them realize that you are desperate to join them.

Connect (C)

All, you have to do then is ‘Wait for the Article to be published’. Trust me; if you have followed the steps accurately, then there is no going back. You will connect to them.

Share (S)

Sharing ensures that you care about your ‘Given Position’ and voluntarily partake in the blogs’ good.

Because of this, my freelancing clients include big names like Tech Defence, Musafir, Dettol and many emerging brands. My professional contacts with famous personalities include Sunny Vaghela, John Nemo, Deep Patel, Ketan Marwadi, and Akshay Makadiya

My insightful article co-authored with CEO Pratik Kanada raised some eye-brows on the internet. The article is titled “en?”. A big fan of TV season, I show my creation in words and that proved worth when HuffingtonPost promoted one of my articles. I am also interviewed by one of the most popular digital blogs ‘WriterStory’ after I published my first book.

Without losing the direction, I kept on contacting digital brands to write for them. Tech Defence, owned by Sunny Vaghela ( Famous Ethical Hacker), contacted me to write for his company. I reached Deep Patel, author of 'A Paperboy's Fable' to seek guidance about how to make a revolution in the digital market with no-nonsense strategies. My uninterrupted perseverance to be seen by the LinkedIn influencers was attained when I interviewed John Nemo. The only hurdle was that I didn't have any many reputed brand name beside me, in order to look reliable. I then applied 'Reverse Branding' theory. In order to reach HuffingtonPost, entrepreneur.com might be a necessity and the chain goes descending.

My recent novel and a first part of ‘Romantic Road’ Series, 'Will You Walk A Mile?‘became my second published book (Kindle) in August, 2016.

I know that Digital Marketing is the future. After few years, people are going to be digitalized. Why not to be prepared for it? Nicknamed as 'Bk' and 'Weak Point Dealer' and localizing in Gujarat, I have garnered Google over ‘Bhavik Sarkhedi Gujarat' keyword but my ambition is to have my Wikipedia, Twitter and LinkedIn verified account and dominate 'Bhavik Sarkhedi' keyword. I am really impressed by Leonard Kim's story of success. I follow me, stick with what he does, and abide by what he doesn't.

700 Number of Articles till now * 700 words (One article) =490, 000 WORDS

365 days/pages*10 Personal Diaries= 3650 pages*40 words =146, 000 WORDS

45000 word (1st Book) + 35000 (2nd Book) = 80, 000 WORDS

Total= 490, 000 + 146, 000+ 80, 000 = 730, 000 WORDS

If I take it this way, it says,

I have been writing 1000 words every day since past 2 years OR

I have been writing 500 words every day since past 4 years OR

I have been writing 250 words every day since past 8 years.

I am Bohemian by nature, Rapper by Passion, Story-Teller by Soul, and Wanderlust, I want to explore the intersection of philosophy and psychology. Die hard fan of fictional characters- Sheldon Cooper, Chandler Bing, Charlie Harper, Daenerys Targaryen, Barney Stinson, Joey Tribianni and Tyrion Lannister; every character has got some unique entrepreneurial attributes.

Today, I am an entrepreneur, freelancer, sole trader and financially independent.

"The only thing I like better than reading and devouring books is writing them, of which I have already penned two."
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