My Eureka moment...

To all those who have not yet discovered themselves...unclip your wings...

Gauri Kundnani
14th Aug 2017
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My Story

2001....My first job

Still remember my interview when my interviewer asked me the position I applied for and I said.. I dont know , I am here because its very close to my place...I was asked if i wanted to be a showroom salesgirl and I said ‘FINE’ Salary Rs 7000/- per month.... Began my journey as a salesgirl heading on to becoming the best at it and having a team to train and achieve sales targets...DID IT...Salary Rs. 35000/-..


Never gave an interview after that...asked by a professional associate to join his firm to do BD..Took it up for the challenges it offered...Salary 1.25 lacs per month....Fabulous results...got the biggest client for the firm...and it continued...


Took up something more challenging....NO SALARY only PROFIT SHARING....Revenues unbelievable with less than 2-3 hours of work everyday...but no challenges..


Was offered a profile of setting up a business division, branding and making it profitable...Salary 4 lacs per month...Again did some awesome events, cracked some amazing accounts which includes business from one of the biggest IT giants of the industry....


STEPPED DOWN from the corporate job to start something of my own.... thinking I was the best at Sales , ventured into structuring sales techniques and creating better sales people...


A lot of boardroom training...imparting the knowledge I had to people ....but it still failed, I got tired of doing it, I QUIT.

Until one day I realised that I never did Sales, I only expressed myself. All the accounts I had won were only because I was truely doing what I loved to do which is building relations...sharing conversations with people I could connect with...In the process of which I was also misunderstood because Men being Men will always judge a woman for being friendly...haha

I used the best of speeches to conduct sales training but it never worked with people who have not discovered who they are. It worked on a girl who was into telecalling and HR and went ahead and did her first successful sale with no experience at all. Something which a lot of people with experience were unable to do...(Thought provoking incident)

People spend their whole lives doing jobs which dont give them any fulfillment, success. All they get at the end of the day is Frustration & Stress which reflects on their personal and professional life...

My message to every Corporate out there...

Allow people to express and be who they are and see the results...its unimaginable...

Question : With doing all the motivational and team building programs have you got the results you are seeking...My guess is NO... Its important to do these but its of no use unless its combined with expression..

We hire people with experience but what is experience? Is it the number of years you have done something without feeling happy . Why do people hate going to work ? Is it because they dont love what they do.

Dont make machines out of humans, they are meant to be emotional, vulnerable, expressive and happy.

With this realization, I would like to create a program that helps people express because `YOU CAN’T IMPRESS IF YOU CAN’T EXPRESS’....

A program on Self Expression...Do what you love to do... which might mean changing your job profile, or department, or sometimes just a few tweeks, or may be your job but look at what its worth.. a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment... Reminds me of a wonderful dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots...” Kam paise kamaunga choti gaadi hogi chota ghar hoga par main khush rahunga”...hahahahahaha

Do call me if you need to do this with your team or individually, I would love to do it voluntarily but what comes free is never valued and if you get paid too much you loose your freedom.

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