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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

An open letter to all the investors

Its better to invest time then to invest a lot of money...

Friday May 06, 2016,

5 min Read

Dear Investors/Angels

Its 3 A.M, I am preparing a presentation to pitch our ideas and its 6th version of the pitch from the day we started. Till now we have mailed our pitch to lot of investors ,talked over phone and Skype, also had face to face meetings with few people (Not investors but they claimed to connect us to investors).

I am the co -founder of a gifting venture

I want to speak my heart to you, ask you few questions & want to tell what do entrepreneurs, like me, feel about whole investment procedure.

I am not disappointed! But I have many questions in my mind regarding the investment procedures followed by the investors.

For a deal to accomplish it is necessary for two people to connect, but the investors decides to meet us on the basis of an “E-mail”.

Many articles and people say that market and team are the key factors for the investors.

“They don’t invest in the company, they invest on the team”.

It is possible to identify and judge market on the basis of Email/pitch, But how are you going to judge a team by just having a look at their profile mentioned in pitch/e- mail?

Is the eligibility criteria for a good team is to have a tag of IIT/IIM, or he must have worked in a renowned company or his age should be an experienced enough???

I feel there are many young talented people who don’t fall under this category but has much better potential, talent and can achieve heights.Don’t you think that abilities of a team is above all these criteria, boundaries and such restricted tags?

Today, the largest company of India known to us is Reliance Industries, Its founder Respected Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, himself is the biggest example that business is not about degree from a branded college instead its more about vision, mission and passion.

Sometimes is feel that the first step to the investment is similar to that of impressing a girl? Show Off, Fake Promises. Basically showing a dream which he himself haven’t seen yet.

A relationship of an Investor and an entrepreneur is similar to that of a Girlfriend -Boyfriend. Investment is that thing which every entrepreneur wishes to get and only investor has it. We start impressing this girl with a pitch. The person who has a swag and knows how to exaggerate things can easily put the first impression on girl. But on the other hand those people who are as genuine as their ideas are appreciated well, but not accepted and then nice zoned.

The Investor invests to get excellent ROI but what is happening in most cases is an irony as the money gets dumped down. why is it happening?

I Feel the reason is the ground zero basis on which investment is decided.

Everyone knows what happened to many well-funded companies recently. I don’t know why investors are in so much hurry to invest on exaggerated ideas?

Why not time is invested first to understand the idea, entrepreneur and his team??

All the three aspects are equally important and cannot be understand and judged alltogether in a short span of time.

Recently I saw that a co founder of a start-up posted requirement of PPT designer. When I enquired further. It came out that he already had got seed investment and needed ppt designer for series A.

I can write a book on our ideas and plans not based on assumptions but reality. But usually Investors want to make judgement by just seeing the index.

Recently I saw that a co founder of a start-up posted requirement of PPT designer. When I enquired further. It came out that he already had got seed investment and needed ppt designer for series A.

It is equally important for an investor to invest as it is for entrepreneur to get investment.

Usually, when someone invests in a company, He is considered as an angel (god) for a company.

But, I don't think it’s true.

It’s a mutually beneficial deal for both the parties. It’s a relationship based upon various terms and conditions resulting in some output for which both the partners are equally responsible.

Don't judge people & their ideas, just on the basis of an email/Pitch. It’s not important that the one writing good love letters is the only one with whom a good relationship can be established. Give some more time to people and invest patiently and smartly.

I always get to listen 9 out of 10 Startup fails. Yes! They do, just because their major aim is to get investment and not to build a stable company. Listen to people who have profit making ideas in a huge market rather than one who talks you into taking you to multibillion virtual valuation over a short span of time.

Invest your time with people before investing lots of money. Because their might be a nice guy waiting for you with real talent.

Now let me talk something about gifting industry and my venture

Someone once told us – “that gifting market is a shitty market”.

“Its sensitive “not shitty.

Here you just can't say to customers that - you can return the product if it is damaged or you don't like it,

because if birthday is gone, it’s gone and our customers too. Hence, emotions are attached to each of the product sent and to be precise its gift not a random product purchased as feelings are attached to it.

Huppme was founded in November 2014, and incorporated in august 2015 and We are going great!

We are going to be the world's best and largest gifting company within 5-7 years. And no person or no situation can stop us from achieving it. If any investor wants to invest in us for a mutual beneficial relationship, you are most welcome, also you might get a chance to compensate what you lost in your last investment : P

- P.s - Huppme is not our Dream, It’s our mission and mission is always well planned and have backups . 

"Start investing in plans not in dreams"

You can write to me at [email protected]