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Mobile goes cloud - latest tech inventions

Technologies is emerging at a rapid pace, in this modern face of internet revolution.

Wednesday April 26, 2017,

4 min Read

The internet has extensively impacted the way we live, we work and the things are getting connected. And the latest innovations are making things almost unimaginable.

The two biggest innovations driving the internet to the next level is cloud i.e server side and mobile i.e client side. Both are like two faces of coins, they are extremely important for delivering the complete solution to the users. So let’s have a discussion on both.

Being a tech geek, I have gone through many key technologies helping your enterprise to make a great move towards mobile. I have pointed some of them that proves to helpful for success or failure of your project.

Cloud APIs

When we consider cloud, APIs play a major role. And the developers are the people driving the latest technology and eventually deciding the future of the project. APIs are of two types: one for management and the other for execution. The first one includes monitoring, billing, lifecycle management, computing resource provisioning almost like IBM softlayer. Though none of these relate to the application logic.

Having coud source providers, customers can rid of managing the data centers. Since the service providers works on data center design and operations so that the customers can invest their valuable time on their core business.

Going towards execution API, it relates the application logic or we can say service. Let's take an example, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) much like IBM BlueMix. Developers can make use of APIs to work with the databases, authentication, messaging and much more. Tese API are integral parts of the application.

Moreover, these execution APIs helps you to get things done without needs of the details. Considering example, if you want to have the image recognition but you do not have in-house expertise, you can instantly make use of IBM Watson to leverage thousands of talents behind the actual scenario. You should know the interface that is essentially a contract don between you and your service provider. This makes almost easier when compared to the design and implementation.

To make use of cloud services completely, you should be aware of APIs well. Though depending on the types of clouds and role, you should be aware to know one or two sets of APIs. Still, knowing the complete big picture always proves to be helpful.

Development Frameworks and Tooling

It is matter of fact that no one builds the application from the scratch. Almost all mobile application development is done on the top of the frameworks. This includes native mobile applications or web-based applications. Native applications are most likely to be Android or iOS support. Having common framework on both operating system works for productivity and speed to the market.

Web-based applications works better if it has universal support and ios compatible on all the platforms from Windows, Mac and Linux to Android and iOS. And here JavaScript comes into the picture, where almost all the APIs and frameworks are created. And cloud search engine supports almost all type of APIs you create today.

Though it is great to have free choice, but it also confuses many a times like which one will be better? And as usual, there is no single best answer: It is always a function of needs, team skills, culture and finally technology.

Artificial Intelligence

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) is most popular these days. Nowadays, people want it and cloud makes it possible and the mobile accessible.

Though mobile computing is much more stronger than a mainframe in the ‘60s, since it don’t always meet the needs and requirements for AI. Cloud computing turns AI into service and offers it for applications to consume. It can be compiled for sessions as private cloud or be shared by many customers as a public cloud.

To present AI results to the users, mobile applications can focus on interactivity. Because the devices has limitations in the screen size, AI helps to leverage the user experience by interacting them in naturally and intelligently. We can high hopes looking forward to see mobile apps that can speak, listen and visualize.

The latest technology is emerging rapidly. To get into cloud and mobile revolution, I personally suggest to explore and research more about cloud APIs, mobile frameworks and AI.

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