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11 Leading Marketing Trends of eCommerce to Rule 2017

Every business wants to lead the web world with an engaging website and the recent marketing trends can help to a great extent in this context to create profitable results.

11 Leading Marketing Trends of eCommerce to Rule 2017

Thursday June 22, 2017,

5 min Read

We are living in an era where improvement is the necessity to sustain. Those who follow the hottest concepts leading the web will win the race and gain a noteworthy presence over the web, whereas one who remains static without following timely updates will be vanished in crowd. eCommerce industry is the most trending platform over web where a large number of businesses are running. Thus, it becomes quintessential to embed best-in-class features and functionalities within your website to drain optimal results.

It is mandatory to be updated to stand ahead of the competitors. Implementing those trends that are running hot in the market is an intelligent step in this business-oriented arena. These marketing trends not only provide a strong presence to a business but also help in finding ways to compete against your niche rivals.

Top eCommerce Marketing Trends that are Worth Performing in 2017

Let’s check out the most popular eCommerce marketing trends that are leading the web in 2017:

Chat bots becoming a Trusted Name


Chat is one of the common communication mediums to reach to the large audiences. The people of today can easily interact with a chat app rather online customer service agent. This results in more satisfied users and improved conversions rates.

Mobile first- Google’s Need and thus yours too

The technological advancement of this era leads mobile traffic to overtake the desktop. Google also recommends mobile websites and thus it becomes more important to make good and impressive mobile experience that can guarantee profitable business results in terms of ranking, revenues and ROI. Thus, mobile design cannot be treated optional.

Mobile Wallets for easy payment

Cash payments have become obsolete nowadays as digital wallets have gained prominence with tremendous benefits. Some of the major digital wallet apps like Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet, etc. are leading the eCommerce world and largely accepted by a wide audience area.

AI largely adopted to change buyer journey

AI and personal assistants are gaining huge importance in eCommerce by reaching to the daily lives of the people. Google’s assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri are few of the leading names that give the feel of talking to machines. Each of these assistants respond in different ways, like Google home can be used to list the top SERPs while Echo for Amazon product pages and reviews.

Personalized UX in Real time


An engaging and personalized user experience is the key to success in real time, else you will be left behind the crowd, far down to your competitors. To make customers utterly satisfied, each visit must be made unique by enough product information and promotion details.

Omni-channel Shopping results in boosted sales

Omni-channel is a smart way to boost the sales of your online business as a brand differentiator for e-retailers. It also facilitates 360° view of customer preferences made for shopping patterns, most purchased products, shopping patterns and likewise. There are several features that can help to unify the shopping channels trough real -time stock details and multichannel wish lists.

Same day delivery for satisfied shopping experience


With local drop-off points, same day delivery possible become possible and customers are happy to get delivery on demand by paying some extra amount. This concept has helped to overcome the biggest eCommerce barrier, i.e. waiting time. The biggest reason of the popularity of online shopping is the ease to get desired results on time and the credibility of eCommerce businesses can be defamed if the users will not get satisfactory results. This has compelled the businesses to adopt drone delivery for the online orders.

Social Selling Evolving as a communication channel for audience

The relationships that are formed offline results in best sales figure and it is difficult to make sales without a strong relationship bond. Social networks are expanded today in wide spectrum to connect to the wide customers conveniently. Facebook messenger is one of the well-known examples of communication channel to grow a wide number of customers and raise their credibility, thereby promoting their products and services.

Video is continually dominating the eCommerce

The impact of video is still dominating in the market as a preferred way of accessing the content. It can be on-demand video over TV programming schedule or video product demos surpassing text and image. A short video is lot more impressive to showcase the features and benefits of a product and it is worth of thousand words. Shoppable video is a similar concept that businesses are following to create a personalized, effective and direct video.

Content is always the king

Content is the strongest element of any website that showcases the personality of a business by describing its products and services in an easy way. Content marketing is a robust pillar in the web world to gain sustainable growth in the business. The main focus has been put on using unique, high-quality content that not only provides SEO value to the customers but also adds value to the customers.

Gamification for Wide Information Gathering

Gamification can be considered as an intrusive way of gathering information about the preferences. Exciting rewards, discounts and prizes can also be used to improve customer retention. A good example to explain Gamification concept is to help people out in selecting the items that they want in a bag. This can be solved by a game where a campaign is created that captures user’s sentiments about the pictures of bags. These details get stored and help in showcasing multiple bag options for the future visit to a store.

Final Gist

Advancement is the key to success in recent times and leads the business world in an optimum manner. The latest trends and tactics when being followed for an eCommerce website can drive extraordinary results. The above-listed marketing concepts can help to a great extent in giving boosted results. The one and only important factor here is to analyze your business website to know what you are lacking and then work upon the same to bridge all type of loopholes.